Candace the HedgeFox is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a teenage fox from Tamaruin City who loves to sing and skateboard. She is also currently the girlfriend of David the HedgeFox.


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Candace is friendly and sweet, but she can get freaked out easily. She likes going to the mall with her friends like a normal teenage girl.

However, unlike most girls, she likes to skateboard. She also shows up a lot in the allies when she has nothing to do.

Candace also has acrophobia, or a fear of heights. She is afraid of jumping off of heights, but she isn't as scared when she's on a rollercoaster or something.

Physical Appearance

Candace is an orange Hedgefox. She has a peach muzzle and inner ears. Her tail is fluffy and not that long. Her eyes are sky blue and they match the sky.

Presently and in Stars on Broadway Street, she wears a red tank top. She also wears a darker red collar. She then wears a white skirt and red belt below it. To complete her oddly simple outfit, she wears red socks and white mary janes.

As of right now, Candace wears a red wool dress-like coat with grey velcro straps and a red and furry hoodie. Also she has two white fuzzies attached on two lines going the opposite diagonal direction. She also wears a red gloves that are lighter colored than her dress. Benath her coat is a very dark red skirt. She also wears grey pants with black strips going down. Finally, she wears white fuzzy and furry boots.


Candace also is pretty athletic. She definetly isn't super fast, but she's quick and she is fast on her foot and bike. She also knows how to skateboard and is pretty good at it too. She is a really good swimmer and she is strong enough to break an alligator's neck. On her legs she is pretty flexible and is shown to be able to do a split with ease.

Candace also is considered a good builder. She can build things by herself and created lots of new things to show to her friends such as a treehouse, recording booth and carrige.


Attack: 7- Candace is pretty strong, and can be capable of inflicting a lot of damage on someone.

Defense: 5- Candace is not that good at defending herself.

Speed: 9- Candace is pretty fast on her feet, which helps her catch up with her faster friends.

Magic: 0- Candace possesses no magic ability.

Evasion: 8- Similar to speed.

Intelligence: 9- Candace is very smart, and can come up with clever strategies.

Skills: 5- Average.

Accuracy: 6- She has a good percent change of aiming at her targets.

Stamina: 7-Candace can run for a good distance without getting out of breath.

Tolorance: 3- Candace gets bruised very easily.



  • David the HedgeFox: David is Candace's current boyfriend. Lasting almost four years now, the two have known each other since the end of middle school, and started dating when she was in seventh grade. Although they are two and a half years apart in terms of an age difference, they still have a strong emotional connection. David really changed Candace's personality, making her more outgoing and laid-back.
  • Alexis the Fox: Initially, though Candace was a huge fan of the popstar, the two didn't get along that well. For two weeks, the two didn't like each other, as Candace always thought she was jealous for dating her ex-boyfriend. However, they started to get to know each other better and became good friends.
  • Danny the Hedgehog: Danny was Candace's first boyfriend. They dated for a short two months back in middle school, but when high school came around, they started becoming good friends again. As of now, the two are on good terms with each other.
  • Mary the Hedgehog: Mary and Candace are best friends. Mary remembers Candace from her early childhood when they both went to the same preschool, but Candace doesn't. They were roomates all throughout high school, becoming closer and forging a great friendship.


  • Candace's design is very loosley based off of Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Candace's favorite color is red.
  • Candace is born on July 11, she is a Cancer.
  • Candace and David currently the third longest relationship out of all of Darkest Shadow's characters, lasting soon-to-be four years. They are followed by Cole and Christina with four years, and Alexis and Danny with five years.
    • However Candace and David are the only one of these couples to still be together, therefore holding the longest current relationship.
  • Candace's mom was supposed to have two twin brothers (Phineas and Ferb), but her mother aborted them.
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