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Camilo's chain of events began four years and ten months before his creation was officially finished. On April 8th 2009, a G.U.N scientist began a project known as Project: Alpha. He started this project in an effort to store as much information as possible onto one device. After two years, the scientist had managed to complete the storage and communication systems in the tiny device. At this time, Camilo could only speak through text, could only receive commands through text and only had ten terabytes of memory.

He then began work on the UI for the device. A year later, on October 16th 2012, the scientist had finally finished the UI of the device. At the time, it was on of the most advanced user interfaces created. However, he didn't want to let the world know of his project so, no one ever knew of Camilo's advanced UI.

For the next one year, three months and sixteen days, the scientist continued developing the AI. At the time of completion, he had included a better speech system, using artificial voice and voice recognition rather than text to talk. He had also placed the device into a wrist device, which he would wear on his arm. This allowed him to include a holo-projector for Camilo to project his favoured look and it also allowed him to include an extra sixty terabytes of in-built memory. The AI itself managed to also obtain an extra petabyte of memory from cloud services. He had also allowed the AI to code it's own emotions into itself. This however is illegal, but so far the G.U.N scientist has not been taken into custody since Camilo's code is not stored in very few places. Overall, the scientist had created an artificial intelligence which can communicate like a normal sentient being, store over a petabyte of information, show emotion and create an artificial version of itself through a holographic projector. He alone has created an rare type of AI known as a 'smart AI', which is the fourth of four and the only to have a holographic projector.


Camilo is different to most modern AIs since he can create a holographic projection of himself through his device's AI interface. Camilo has chosen to take on the looks of a mink. The reasoning behind it is because he thinks that "minks are cool". He has also decided to program his holo-form so that he is wearing a suit, but without a tie and an untucked shirt. Camilo also shines gold by default, however, this was not his choice since the G.U.N scientist had programmed him that way. He does shine other colours which all correspond to which emotion he is "feeling". When happy he turns yellow. When he's angry he turns red. When he's embarrassed he's pink and when he is alert or endangered he turns orange.


Camilo has an unexpected personality compared to most AIs. Usually an AI would behave in a very formal and informative manor. Camilo, on the other hand, is very sarcastic and he often likes to point out the obvious. He is also easily offended and does not like being told to be quiet. He also likes to learn new things as usually, this is quite hard for an AI to do since they already know quite a bit.



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Attack 0/10
Defence 9/10
Speed 0/10
Agility 0/10
Strength 0/10
Kinetics 0/10
Intelligence 10/10
Social 7/10


  • Camilo's name is in reference to the word 'helper'.
  • Camilo is based off of various 'smart AI's' from Halo, specifically, Roland (due to his gold colouring) and Serina (due to her sarcastic personality).
  • Camilo's service number has various sections to it. 'CM' meaning 'Camilo', '004' being the product number and '2214' being the date (2/2/14).
  • The '004' in Camilo's service number identifies him as the fourth 'smart AI' to exist.
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