Calypso is a character created by Lunari64 on 10/21/16.


While Calypso's true appearance is unknown due to the nature of her existence, she can be depicted as a dark blue spirit. She is often thought of as a humanoid figure, with little points instead of hands and feet, and distinct "hair", cut short.


Calypso is a proud spirit, always using her powers to help others. However, this pride makes her a bit trigger-happy with her abilities, and she likes to show off their potency. She is also very protective of her hosts, and will go to great lengths to save them no matter who they may be.


Calypso started out as a creation of the Spirit Goddess, Arraura. She was sent to Spiritvein to watch over the mortals and protect them, and was given the abilities to do just that. However, when Arraura sent Calypso down to the mortals, Calypso was sealed inside a gem; Arraura knew that the mortals should find her first.


Divine Protection

Calypso has the ability to defend her host from significant amounts of damage, both with shields of spiritual energy and by increasing her host's durability.

Spiritual Energy

Calypso, being a creation of Arraura, has the ability to wield spiritual energy. More accurately, Caypso's host gains the ability to imbue their attacks with spiritual energy. This can be seen, as the attacks radiate a dark blue aura.

Parasite Physiology

Calypso changes hosts via physical contact, much like a parasite. If her current host touches another person for any reason (or vice versa), be it on purpose or on accident, Calypso will leave her current host and move on to the person her former host touched. Calypso can not stop this at all; she has to switch places every time. This won't happen with weapon strikes, such as swords, or any manner of ranged attack.


Host Dependence

Calypso cannot exist without a host, and cannot control her host. This means that a selfish or greedy host could easily exploit her.


Calypso's energy may take some time for her host to get used to, and may leave a new host dizzy for a moment. Calypso is also disoriented when changing hosts, and changing hosts several times in rapid succession can cause her to faint.

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