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At first glance, Caliglius might appear to be another robotic spawn of the egglord - A dark and soulless creation of malice. His hulking metal form towers over the battlefield as his red glowing eyes survey with dispassion the wretched fools who have dared to oppose his forces.

Caliglius is adorned in Heptus-Infernator armor type XVII covered in demonic and angelic runes in equal proportion. His pauldrons take the shape of skulls and his helm is decorated with the twin golden horns of the chaospawn Groxyldar, the well known Hound of Damnation.

Caliglius' armor is primarily black although the blood of his many enemies has stained parts of it permanently red.


Infernal hatred with a touch of kindness. Caliglius has been implanted with a phylactery in his brain that captures passing spirits of rage to fuel his dark powers. As a result of this, he is extremely angry but due to his extreme self control he rarely speaks. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all, right?

Caliglius spends every waking moment contemplating the innocents defiled by the evil forces of the realm, and planning his burning conquest of their abused patrimonies.

Caliglius' constant rage makes him an incorruptible titan of moral virtue who can not be tempted with bribery or threats. He is simply too angry to consider such offers and will inevitably respond with a hail of chain needler fire.


Caliglius was born on a planet known as Kratoria outside the solar system in another dimension known to very few in Mobius. To those who do know, they call this strange realm of violence Mu-Septilliae VI.

From the age of ten, Caliglius was indoctrinated into the "Nightmare Panther" school of ninja warfare by the infernal priest Khybar-Den in the Hall of Breaking. The first lesson was to have every bone in his body shattered by a merciless assault android over the course of seventeen hours. The second lesson was to have them all surgically repaired without anesthetic. This was when he first felt the burning hand of rage touch his soul.

By the time he was twenty seven years old Caliglius feared nothing. His hatred for the Infernal Priest who took advantage of so many orphan children grew to consume him and he sundered the wretch's head from his shoulders with an axe in a furious rage.

His brothers in the Hall of Breaking sought their revenge on him so he stole a Gnassus class starbomber. As the plasma balls of dozens of interceptors shattered against his shields he knew he had mere seconds before destruction and engaged the warp drive without calculating a safe path. The jump took him right into the event horizon of a black hole, where his warpfield interacted with it to create a wormhole that tore into the adjacent realm of Mobius.

The Gnassus bomber hurdled toward the strange green world, landing in the confusing urban wasteland of New Megaopolis. Eggman's security forces converged on the wreck as a titanic metal fist shot from the canopy and it's gargantuan owner begin to tear it's way out.

Enraged by the tiny projectiles glancing off his hardened battle-chassis the Blood-Paladin tore his way through their forces up to the capital building. It seemed nothing could stop him. With great fury he finally entered the last chamber and faced the Egg Emperor in all his rotundity.

Laughing at the weak fool who stood before him, the towering destroyer took a step forward only to activate a trap door and fall into a giant cannon which blasted him thousands of miles away into the unspoiled forests of Mobius. It was on this day he swore to protect the land against the despotic fist of the Egg monster and one day become it's true liegelord. Caliglius swore to rule the land with justice and iron.


Caliglius has been fused with his Heptus-Infernator class battlesuit type XVII so that it is like second skin. In fact, it's his only skin because his previous skin was surgically removed by the blood-priests of Kratoria. His nervendings have been woven into the metal and he can feel anything that touches him.

He has been surgically implanted with a phylactery in his brain that captures passing rage spirits to enhance his eternal fury.

It is also worth noting that with sufficient rage energy he can coalesce it into dark balls of power which demolish the souls of anything they touch and can only be deflected by powerful angelic wards. If they touch something without a soul the energy will be absorbed by the physical material and cause it to explode violently.


He is equipped with a Negator-type chain needler which launches foot long titanium battlespikes that brutally impale his many enemies. It's targeting systems are directly hardlined into his cranium and can access fury energy from the ragesouls in his phylactery to increase it's processing power. This gives him the sensation of slowing time.

Caliglius also sees very well in the dark because his eyes glow red and can cast piercing beams of light on the foolish mortals who would hide from him in the dark corners of the world.


Master of the Nightmare Panther style of ninja warfare. Because of these mysterious arts, even in his titanic battlesuit he's able to move stealthily. His hands move with such speed that a normal person can't even see them. No, they're not blurs, they can not even be seen.

Master of all forms of mathematics and especially trigonometry.

Can bake many delicious pastries by focusing his rage energy on them instead of using an oven.


Kindness and joy make him very uncomfortable and confused, and reduce the levels of rage energy which he relies on to fuel his dark powers.

Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot rounds fired from a 155mm gun or greater.

Reverse Polarity Planar Magnetrons operated as an Ion Source will interfere with his electronics.

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