Calibos the Abyssdweller
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Calibos the Abyssdweller is one of the Five Children of Darkness, a group of five powerful demons created by Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay.

Physical Description

Calibos is a roughly 70-foot long/tall aquatic demon with a long and slender body ending in eight tentacles. Many long (and sharp) fins adorn his lithe frame, and he has two pairs of arms. He has a long neck, and his face resembles that of a cross between a piranha and an eel, while his four eyes have golden irises with black sclera. His hair is long and white, with some slender tentacles mixed in; the tentacles are adorned with piercings and golden bands.

Golden pieces of armor decorate the rest of his body, which is riddled with scars; Calibos has been in many battles in his long life, and has clawed his way to the top in all of them.



Base Stats
SpeedAverage (on land)
Godlike (in water)
ReflexesAverage (on land)
Superior (in water)
Other Stats

Calibos is a terrifyingly strong demon, unsurprising given how he is one of the Five Children of Darkness. His speed in the water is incredible, and he can survive the deepest ocean depths with ease; on land, however, he is much slower. His slick, rubbery body easily deflects most physical blows and even bullets.

Underwater is where he reigns supreme; the sheer agility and reflexive prowess he gains ensures that he overwhelms his opponents. Not to mention all the water around him can be manipulated. He also carries a massive, ornate trishula as his weapon, and can channel his magic through it. This weapon can also absorb electric attacks, similar to Aegaeon's gauntlets.

Given his cunning nature, Calibos is highly intelligent, and more than capable of manipulating people to do what he wants, especially if they're gullible. He is able to give people some of his power, which is what he did with Aegaeon, in order to make him the titan he is today.

Apart from the ability to manipulate HellMagick, Calibos is a highly adept Hydromancer, Venomancer and Spectramancer. He can also use the elemental combinations of Acid (Water/Poison) and Blackwave (Water/Darkness).


Calibos is highly resistant to the Elements of Water and Darkness. When under the waves, he gains an immediate advantage over anyone who is not used to fighting underwater; those who are aquatic and used to fighting in such a way have a somewhat easier time, however (especially if they are deities themselves).


Calibos is very weak to the Elements of Electricity and Light. Outside of the water, he is slow-moving, making him much easier to hit. While he still retains his resistance to most physical blows, he slowly dehydrates while outside of the water. His body, while made to deflect most physical attacks, offers somewhat less protection against energy-based ones.

Friends and Foes






A cunning and manipulative demon, Calibos prefers to hang back in the shadows and see how well his minions do the work; this has worked in his favor during Aegaeon's conquest of the Merbian people. He doesn't seem to get angry easily, and reacts rather calmly to any reports of failure. Despite his manipulative nature, he seems to have great faith in Aegaeon's abilities, and often acts as the shark's adviser.



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