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Caliber masters is a group of teenagers, who posesses powerful abilities and comes from history.

Karti masters


Caliber masters has  38 members, which 29 members are good, two members are leaders and 7 of them is evil. The Caliber masters has also sub group called Magic Caliber masters, who can use elemental magic. If anyone can detect one of the Caliber masters, they can ask to be one of them. Mostly, you must look for pimedus, who is occasionally a leader of group. The priority is that the character must have an unique ability (elemental power optional) in order to be a Caliber master.


Vanessa Varglikkus- The master of invisibility and stealth.

Juliette Juurikas- The master of life and nature

Killian Kiirus - The master of speed (ancestor father of Sonic)

Goldie Gorgeus - The master of beauty and freezing victims.

 Kobe Koolutus - The master of teleporting.

Toshiro Topelt  - The master of duplication

Proctor Prognoos - The master of weather

Fachnan Fantoom - The master of immateriality

Academicus Ajuloputus - the master of Brainwashing

Raske - The master of invincibility

Travers Tohutu- The master of growing

Ragnara Raskustung - the master of gravity

Penley Pimedus - the master of darkness

Marjeta Muutma - the master of transformation

Aallotar Aeglane - master of slowing time

Volunteer Caliber Masters

This is the special group of Karti masters, which members can control elemental magic. Anyone who can use elemental magic, the character can join (Inform for MegaPhantaze, if you want your character to be part of this group)

Crystal- Master of magic

Fusion of Caliber Masters

The legend has told, that the certain Caliber Masters can awake a whole new Caliber master by combining their Caliber emeralds. Along with new Karti master, there will also appear a new Caliber emerald. Koolutus is the only one, who can't awake fusion Caliber Master

Percival Pettur- Master of illusions (The fusion of Topelt's and Fantoom's power)

Nalani Naerma- Master of laugh (The fusion of Kiirus' and Gorgeus' powers)

Priscilla Parandus- Master of bringing lifeless items and humans alive (The fusion of Juurikas' and Prognoos' powers)

Valerie Valgus- master of light (The fusion of Varglikkus' and Pimedus' powers)

Vontell Volitus - Master of power (Fusion of Tohutu's and Raske's powers)

Kaarina Kosmos- Master of future (The fusion of Raskustung's and Aeglane's powers)

Ulmer Unelus- Master of dreams (Fusion of Ajuloputus' and Muutma's powers)

Space Caliber masters

These Caliber masters has come from outer space. They are also called as "Future's Karti masters" since their supernatural powers.

Aatami Akord- Master of sound. He can manipulate music, sounds and even imitate 100% acuarcy anyone.

Vivian Veniv- Master of stickiness. She is able to walk on any material without falling. Unfortunately she is slimy from everywhere and it needs power from her to get her hands from items. 

Vernon Vetruv - Master of resiliency. Anything, which is thrown or shot to him, will bounce away. He is also able to bounce from any material.

Pax Paindlik- Master of elasticity. She cans tretch herself and her body parts allowing her to turn as shapes.

Karl Kappar- Master of leaping. He has a giant leap ability, which he uses to cross the long pits. 

Temperature Man- master of temperature. He is an alien robot found by Pilot the Blot. He still serves as space karti master, who is able to manipulate fire and ice and to create Heat ice (the ice, which doesn't melt down).

Athelas Atraksioon- Master of Polarity. She can control the polarity of metal and attract even gold and diamonds.

Anti Karti Masters

Also known as Reetur's Karti Masters. These Karti Masters are pure evil and created from other Karti masters' desires and weaknesses.

Dimensio - Master of Dimensions. Has an ability to lose third dimension.

Hais - Master of Aroma. Can create many kinds of smells to many purposes.

Plahvatus - Master of explosions. He can create explosions and even make Explosive punches.

Kahaneb - Master of shrinking. Where Tohutu cannot shrink, Kahaneb can. She can shrink as small as ant. Not to be mixed up with Ant Man.

Elekter - Master of Electricity. She is not an ordinary elektrokinetic. She has an ability to turn into an electricity and travel on electric wires and possess machines.

Angevil - Master of sides. She is half evil and half good. She is technically on no-one's side.


Tarkus- master of intelligence. King of the Facultania kingdom

Surematu-The master of justice. Queen of the Facultania kingdom

Adonis - Master of unknown. Leader of future Caliber Masters


Reetur- Former leader and master of luck. Leads Anti Caliber Master group


Caliber masters comes from the past. Before warped to present-time, they served the king of Facultania's kingdom. They helped the kingdom in defending it with their abilities Reetur from intruding to kingdom, kidnap the Surematu, the creator of the justice, and take over the world by taking away the justice from Facultania


Caliber masters mostly avoid seeing each other, because they are spyed since their appearance to present time. When they have a time, they will meet and hide together. Most of them are really social masters, who are seeking new friends.

Surematu however, is the one, who can't deny hiding. Not only city, also Reetur is looking her, because her power, unlike Caliber master's ability. can be traded to anyone else.


Caliber masters once lived in medieval time in Facultania's kingdom as court wizards. Reetur, one of the Ex Caliber Masters found out to use his ability to manipulate people's luck to turn it into bad luck. Then he discovered the secret of Surematu's ability and decided to steal it. Koolutus promised to teleport Surematu away from Reetur, but the villainious man's luck made his power to teleport everyone in the room. Rest of the karti masters happened to be in the same room as these three others.

Caliber masters got separated from each other during the teleportation and some of them lost their memory. Some of the masters also applied to a job. For example, Raske is now leading his own army and Ajuloputus has own club.

Theme Song

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River of Time

River of Time


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