"*in calm and wise voice* Because you have the courage, determination and strenght like no one else, I know except maybe myself. Defeating such force is something my willpower wants to test... *changes to a challenging voice* And besides, I'm itching for some good brawl, so enough of talking! Prepare to fight and perhaps to lose!"
—Caley, when Sonic asks her why would "a girl" wants to battle with her, before their first fight.


Caley is very friendly, fun-loving and easygoing when she is around her friends, but when she is alone or with strangers, she acts tougher and more combative, than she is around the ones she knows better. She loves fighting and proving her strenght, therefore she never refuses a fight. She puts her helmet on, in most of her fights, so her opponents are not going to know, that she is actually a girl, otherwise most of them wouldn’t dare to hurt her or they would try to give her advantage.

She dislikes rules and hates prejudice, which makes her a very tomboyish and confident character, yet once in a while, she likes to pretend childlike innocence and lack of self-discipline. Among the other five girls she is known to be the most outgoing and energetic member, therefore she loves any kind of sport especially water- and extreme sports - and naturally she is the happiest when she is around water. She also likes passing her knowledge and skills to others, which is the reason why she took on teaching swimming lessons to the younger Chaos. Despite she has water wings and she does find them useful she also considers them good for transport and doesn't really flies unless she is out of the water.


She comes from a Kingdom not too far away from Mosswood, known as the Streamtide Realm. She was born as a princess. Not too long after her birth, the king left his home to protect his subjects - as well as his daughter - from a dangerous creature known as King Chrome Squid. Unfortunately he didn't knew that the giant fish wasn't evil - at least as long as other sea creatures leave him sleep for a thousand years. If they do disturb him, however, he goes bersek and destroys not just the one who woke him up, but all his/her relatives. Which is exactly what he did after the king lost the battle - along with his life.

He broke in the castle and killed the queen as well. Baby Caley - who was with her - playfully grabbed a small knife next to her and pointed It towards the monster, so when he was about to attack her, he cut his tentacles instead or hit the wall, what is collapsed. The sound woke everybody in the castle up, and rushed towards the queen's bedroom. When they saw that baby Caley holds a knife with blood on It and her mother is dead, they suggested to close her to her room and don't ever let her out, while again others recommended to teach her everything a Water Warrior should know. Unfortunately for the sake of being the future queen of the kingdom, they choosed the former.

However - like you would expect - the more times they forbid her, the more interesting she found these kind of battles. She still studied a lot, but she secretly practiced her swordplaying techniques as well, because she knew if she is not going to keep this in a secret, she'll gets her punishment sooner or later. She also knew, that female Merfoxes like herself, has the ability to attract other males with their sound and - with her case at least - her beautiful long hair, so when she was eight years old, she decided to hid It to a golden helmet then asked some poorer knight that in return of some money, they teach her everything a warrior has to know. They agreed, and did just that. 


Of course, they were curius who is the talented fighter behind the helmet, so they made her promise that she will show her face after the end of the training, which she gave her word to and did just that in that day, however she bought potion with herself what makes the target forget about the one, who created the potion and - since she learned that the King Chrome Squid is the responsible for her parent's death - she decided to kill him. 

It was a long battle, but - despite she was young and she injured severly - Caley won. By the time her subjects appeared the battle was over. Seeing they finally realized they cannot force her to be something she have never been, they let her leave the Streamtide Realm.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis - Caley's main ability is Water Manipulation aka. Hydrokinesis. This power allows her to control and form the shape of any kind of water and use It for attacking and defending. She can make towers and spirals of water appear to surround her opponents, while she creates beautiful water orbs from her bare hands and throws them towards her opponents. These spheres look beautiful but they can really hurt. In terms of defense she can make gray rainclouds appear out of nowhere, which slowly turn into darker as the battle goes on, to assist her in the battle and weaken the power of the pyrokinetic users. Last but not least when she faces a really tough opponent, she creates a gigantic water hand, grabs her opponent and squeezes the life force from them slowly and painfully. Because this is a very painful and brutal move she only uses It when she fights against a real slimeball.
  • Elemental Blade Construction - She wields a Water Sword, what she have learned to create along with her other hydrokinetic powers. It took her some time, to use her willpower well enough, to maintain the perfect shape of her weapon, but thanks to some practice, she was able to do It. Because It is made out of water, in that case if It would accidentaly break, Caley can restore It by fit the two together with water. This allows her opponent to hit her - if he or she can evade her Bubble Trap attack...

  • Hydrokinetic Wing Manifestation - This power allows her to form wings made out of water for herself. This ability requires a lot of concentration and focus, but that's not the end. For some reason - unlike other water powers of her - this can only be learned by the members of the royal family and the Undersea Armies, so, in that case if they are in danger, they can defend their undersea kingdom. They say when a Merfox creates his or her water wings there are two things what can give them difficulties: Either forming the shape of the wing from water or maintain It. It varies of from one to anhother which one he or she can learn better. For Caley keeping the shape is no big deal, but whenever she forms them dark blue curly wave shapes appear on It. She doesn't seems to mind It though, in fact she really likes them that way.

    Caley (No Helmet) - Kesz

    Caley without her helmet

  • Hydrokinetic Surfing - By spinning her fishtail very quickly while gathering all of her powers, she can surf on the water and attack with It. While It's not as powerful, as It is in Pokemon, but It still can hurt. However It's actual purpose is getting advantage of non-mer creatures's slowness in the water by stream the large amount of sea water to them and - by ruin their senses - putting them at disadvantage.

  • Underwater Breathing - Naturally, because she is a part mermaid, she can breath under the water. 

  • Speed Swimming - Her final water based power is Speed Swimming. With It, she can swim so fast she can keep up with any Speed type, even with Sonic. 

  • Enhanced Swordmanship - Aside from the water powers she is also great at wielding a sword and using It for various attacking and defending techniques. She is quite quick to pick up strategies and skills from others and they are very surprise when suddenly, their move is used against them. By sharping her water sword she can even cut through solid matter. 

  • Enhanced Strenght - Like other Power type characters, Caley has the ability to lift, carry and throw heavier things. She can also smash things with both her fists and her Merfox tail and she can use the latter to cause surprise to her opponent. After all, who would expect surprisingly painful blow from a fishtail. With enough conventration she can even break the ground, creating very wide fissures, then using her hydrokinetic powers to fill them with water, creating a very wide water trench to trap her enemies. 


  • Thunder Shoot

  • Power Rend - Caley uses her Water Sword to slice her enemies.

  • Gravity Dive

  • Gravity Control 

  • Bubble Trap - Caley's main defending move. It traps her enemies inside a very sturdy bubble. While they are made of water, It's almost impossible to escape from them. No one really knwos why, the only thing is certain is It's impossible to pop It with neither physical force nor psychic powers and It immunes Space-Time warps too. They say one of the weaknesses of the mysterious matter is fire, but because the bubbles are also made of water therefore they (the bubbles) are immune It. They also pop out by themselves, but It takes quite some time which can be a good thing too, since she can't attack her opponents while they are trapped, but because It's round It's difficult to stand up inside It. 

  • Spinning Whirlpool - Caley's secondary defensive move. While It does damage if the opponent hits his - or herself into a rock or stone, It's actual purpose is to make their enemies dizzy. This move is either lowers they accuracy or confuses them. 

  • Hydro pillar - Caley summons four spinning water tower, whose split into eight then sixteen, while surrounds her opponent. When they are about one inch away, Caley uses her hydrokinetic powers to slam one of the pillars toward her foe, followed by the other fifteen. Because It’s a very fast and accurate attack, It very difficult to evade It. 

  • Waterwing Strike - Caley starts to move so fast she seems to vanish and reappear in seconds. Then - when her opponent least expects It - hits her opponent with her Water Wings. It deals heavy damage without added effects. 

  • Shining Sphere - Combination attack with Flash the Light. Caley creates a waterball and Flash shoots It with her Sacred Shine. This turns It into a huge rainbow colored orb, which explodes and creates a gigantic tsunami, what covers the foe completely. 

  • Sea Love - Combination attack with Tara the Rabbit. Tara uses her Flute of Devotion and Caley uses her Spinning Whirlpool. This combo traps the enemy to the whirlpool making It more vulnerable to the Flute of Devotion, therefore, It surely makes the target confused. 

  • Cyro-Hydro Blaster - Combination attack with Blade the Hedgehog. Caley uses her Hydro pillar and Blade uses her Cyro Ray. For an unknown reason - when the rays are meet with the pillar they create a gigantic explosion. It deals massive damage, but It hits everybody on the field including the user. 

  • Thunder Cloudburst - Combination attack with Shock the Tenreck. Caley uses Waterwing Strike and Shock uses Violent Thunderstorm. When the two attacks meet they create a big rainstorm with lightnings and thunders. It is a moderately powerful attack damage and lowers the foe's accuracy for five turns. 

  • Lake Melody - Combination attack with Glow the Ladybug. Caley uses her Hydro pillar and Glow uses her Prism Notes. The rainbow colored notes are fly through the pillar, change into light blue and hit the opponent while emitting soothing music. It hits all enemies on the field and It has 30% chance to lower their attack and defense. 


  • Fear of Otters - Caley's main and only fear is Lutraphobia, which is quite ironic, since Merfoxes are water creatures who shouldn't affraid from them, so no one really know why she does. She says she was born with this fear. However someone in Station Square told the team that once she saw a fox fighting against a gigantic sabertoothed monster what resembled a otter, many years ago. Since she fought It in water no one saw his/her lower body and the man doesn't remembers to her colors neither. Caley however, denies that the fox who have fought the otter monster was her.
  • Bad at land combat - Because of almost her entire existence is connected to the water she has disadvantage in drier battlefields. She can't land nor rest, she can't use her full powers and she isn't got used of anything other than trees near to pond prevent her in her free movements. This doesn't mean she is completely helpless, but she fight a lot worse if she is faraway from the water and her opponents knows this just as well as she does, so they determine the place of the fight depending on if they want to defeat her or want to fight in a challenging battle.

  • Recklessness - As I've already mentioned in her personality traits, she can be quite rash, especially when she is in a mood for kicking butts. For example, she is chasing down a baddie to serve his/her deserved beatup, completely ignoring her surroundings and she only notices she is far away from home, when she lost the sight of her opponent. Sometimes she finds herself punching her enemy as much as he/she is running away cowardly, then her friends inform her - with a facepalm - that he/she was needed to tell a secret information about their enemy (like the location of his/her boss). Because of her pride she never ask for forgiveness, instead scolds her friends, why didn't they told this to her in the first place, or if they did/tried, why didn't they did It louder. 

  • Vaporizing Wings - While her wings are made out of water - which means she can put out Fire easily - in places with intense heat (like on a hot and cloudless summer day or near to a volcano) her wings start to vaporize, and slowly turn into steam and since she can't move freely without them, she could die by desiccation. Naturally, she has the power to summon water, but if she does this too often, her body eventually rans out of water. Therefore if the rain suddenly starts pouring on a hot day in Mosswood that's possibly because Caley wanted to do something, but she had to make sure she is safe. 

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