"It's not because you're the weakest, it's because I am the strongest."

~ Caleb during his battle with Void.


Faded Gold fur, White muzzle, Brown inner ears, Yellow eyes, Brown hair, and a red body coat.


Caleb can be a fun-loving guy, but when it comes to fighting don't cross his path.He cannot be decieved very well, and has an iron will. Caleb is very secretive of his past, and gets agitated if the matter is brought up. He has a stern attitude when dealing with villains, and does not bluff.


Caleb was born to a scientist and his wife. His father tested the effects of his son's supernatural elemental abilties, and in result of this, Caleb has become a strong fighter at a young age.

At age 19, Caleb's town was attacked and destroyed by an evil being known as Sephiroth. His father was killed,his brothers were scattered across Mobius, and  his mother's whereabouts are unkown. After seeing what Sephiroth had done, he rose from the destruction, established a team of heroes who have a sincere hatred for the evil in the world and led them as "Team Destruction". Caleb informed his team of what's called "The Mission". He explained that the experimentation that took place when he was a child unleashed evil as a physical being with wicked powers behond belief. When the team was formed, a friend of Caleb's, Ethan the Porcupine, knew how to work with nanite technology, crafted a mother ship for the team to train, live, and gaurd the planet. To be continued.......


  • Lightning
  • Light (Good)
  • Dark (Bad)
  • Chaos (When Light and Dark are fused)
  • Keen Sight and Enhanced senses.
  • Weilds the "Kaminari ōkami" blade

Special Abilities

  • Flight
  • Fighting
  • Super Transformations (5)


  • Lightning Transportation: A move that let's Caleb travel at Light Speed in a 10 mile radius
  • Dark, Light, Chaos, and Lightning Sphere: A massive ball of energy that is hurled at an enemy.
  • Lightning Strike: A projectile beam of Lightning launched from Caleb's hands.
  • Lightning Absorbing: Any electricity that comes near him he can absorb for power.
  • Krav Maga type fighting style, mixed with kick boxing, and Ju- Juitsu.
  • Any type of Dark, Light, Chaos, or Lightning energy blasts.
  • Lightning Oblivion: A devastating blow of chaos lighting energy that levels any landforms and all foes.
  • Many more.....


  • Tyrants
  • Hatred
  • Betrayal
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