A certified doctor and recognized poly-elemental; Cadogan the Arctic Hare serves as a member of the United Federation Polar Operations Group in the role of medical officer, a role he cherishes within the primarily search-and-rescue specialist group.

Cadogan the Arctic Hare

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Arctic Hare
  • Fur: White, with pale skin
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Black fleece-lined hooded parka, with a red band around each upper arm & high-visibility striping on chest & back
  • Red scarf long enough to cover his face, only worn during snowstorms
  • White thermal shirt with attachment points for biomedical protection
  • White thermal gloves with disposable green latex covers
  • Navy blue thermal-lined trousers
  • Black boots with removeable snow-cleats
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • UFPOG Red Group - team member; medical officer
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Possesses the genetic ability Space Beacon
  • High cold tolerance
  • Experienced in cold climate operations
  • Highly powerful cryokinetic
  • Recognized as having skill in pyro-, hydro- and electrokinesis.
  • Capable of brewing his own Boost Elixirs
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat training
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


As with many arctic hares, Cadogan bears the thick white fur that highlights his difference from many other rabbit subspecies, with the pale, creamy skin exposed on his muzzle not far in color to his fur. In order to emphasize his personal difference, Cadogan has gone to the lengths of growing out the hair between his long lop ears and dying it black; though he has slowly begun to tend away from that as he has grown older. Typically, Cadogan seems to have a very caring expression on his face, carried up into his chocolate brown eyes.


As a member of the United Federation Polar Operations Group, Cadogan's typical clothing is his uniform. Despite his thick fur; this is typically joined by a fleece-lined black parka marked with high-visibility reflective strips on chest and back, and a red band around each forearm to specify his membership to Red Group. These red bands display a small white cross, the same as many paramedics. With these, he wears a pair of navy blue thermal-lined trousers and a pair of black boots with removable cleats.

In emergencies where he has to be active in snowstorms; Cadogan adds a thick red scarf designed to be pulled up to protect his face; while he has a specially designed white thermal shirt and gloves designed to have disposable biomedical protection attached.



One of the more notable skills that Cadogan is noted for is a spacial manipulation genetic ability known as Space Beacon, one that makes Cadogan excellent in conjunction with a search and rescue team. With some degree of focus, the young lagomorph is capable of creating a sphere capable of teleporting anybody that activates the sphere back to his position; allowing searchers to bring wounded back to him quickly. However, this ability tends to lose effectiveness if he creates more than four beacons at once; meaning that in any case where there are multiple casualties, he needs to enter the field himself.

For Cadogan; the arctic environment is not only his home and workplace; it is almost perfect for his elemental powers to be at their maximum utility; with each power also serving him in his role as a medical officer in the Polar Operations Group. Primarily; he wields his control over Ice to help not only nullify small areas from snowstorms, but also to help slow the metabolism for patients to help get them extracted to safety. He has even been observed performing the rare Star Freeze technique to create crystals of glowing ice, either as temperature-dependent lighting or, more commonly, to assist in safely shattering thick plate ice with the easily controlled release of energy.

In contrast, Cadogan's other three elements serve lesser but still important roles. His pyrokinesis is used as a point of routine to warm patients, allies and himself with faint puffs of fire breath or controlled camp fires, as well as creating signal flares that are visible for distances greater than his glowing crystals. His hydrokinesis tends to be used to help in the brewing of healing tonics and rehydration as well as safely drying patients who spent time in the frigid arctic waters by simply willing the freezing fluid from their skin or fur to him. Finally, but by no means of least importance, Cadogan's electrokinesis serves him as a portable defibrillator, allowing the hare an astounding ability at saving people from cardiac arrest in the snow.

While all of his powers are arguably capable in combat; and in some means ironic considering his name means "glory in combat", Cadogan adheres to the Hippocratic Oath in every situation bar self-defense; and even then he refuses to cause lasting harm. Indeed, his preference for open-handed strikes in self-defense emphasizes this fact; even with his basic hand-to-hand training he still requires protection should the typically peaceful Polar Operations Group get attacked by enemies of the United Federation.

As part of his training as a doctor and a skill he has retained and refined over the years through dabbling in medicinal alchemy as well as researching the writings of Dr. Oswin Porcupine; Cadogan is fully capable of brewing Boost Elixirs for the use of the Polar Operations Group; and often exchanges information about potion brewing with his teammate Carlotta the Seal; a young woman with ties to a fairly well known alchemic bloodline.








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