"You better not screw this up...."
—Cadence the Cheetah


Cadence has the useal cheetah pattern on her fur, but instead of her base fur being gold, her base color is white. Due to some kind of disaster, she lost her left hand and it was replaced with a robotic arm. In contrast, she wears a dark blue hoodie and light blue yoga pants. Her boots and gloves are black, to mimic her paws. Her eye color is sea-green.


She is very serious, not really the type you wanna mess with. Since her family disowned her when she was little, she had a tough life and a tough personality. She barely shows happiness or sadness, hence being an emo.


Cadence: Blood, all is what I saw. Coming straight out of my left arm onto the floor. "AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I have heard that voice before. It was me. I was starting to black out. I saw two figures arguing . "Faker, this isn't going to work." One said. "I'm sure it will, Shad." The other said.

Shadow: I didn't say anything else. I grabbed the cheetah's lifeless body and ran as fast as I could. 'This is Eggman's doing....' I thought to myself. I was almost there at Tails' abode.

Sonic: "Ya sure the arm will hold up for her , Tails?" I asked my bud. "Yep. The is renforced metal and copper. I'm pretty sure it will hold."

Tails: I saw the cheetah slowly wake up first. Her ocen eyes were dilated and confused. She then sprung up, did a 360 flip and landed on Shadow. "WHO ARE YOU???!!!! WAS IT YOU WHO TOOK MY PARENTS???????" She yelled. Shadow and I were covering our ears. "No, we did not touch your parents... Now let go...." Shadow said at a reasonable tone. "LIAR!!!!!!!" She exlamed.

Cadence: I then slashed the dark hedgehog with my right paw. But, before my hand could get to his face, he grabbed it. "You think we would do this? What, do you think we have a gruge against your parents? Look at your hand." I obeyed his order by looking at my left hand. "... It was him, wasn't it?" I asked. The blue hedgehog chuckled. "If you mean Eggman, then, Yep." "Now I belive it is time for introductions." The golden fox implied.

Shadow: After we shook hands (I didn't), I asked her what her story was. "I... I don't remeber....."


  1. Super Speed- This power is very hard to control, especially when on ice.
  2. Chaos Spear- She learned this ability from Shadow when sparring with him.
  3. Hypnosis- This power she developed when she was five.


  1. She can see in the dark very well.


  1. Ice
  2. Fire
  3. Stupidity (Mostly from her rival, Copper)
  4. Sand


  1. Sweets
  2. Video games
  3. K.I.S.S.
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog (Cadence:Don't tell him or I'll kill you.)


  1. Copper the Mink
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Pop music
  4. People calling her an emo

Theme Song

Cadence's theme Unravel from the anime , Tokyo Ghoul. This song simbilzes Cadence's forgotten past and that she feels like she is alone and iceilated.


Hectic the Cyberhog- A good friend of hers, in fact the only friend of hers.


"Men are just likke little children; They always ask stupid questions.".

"I don't want to fight you. But, If it is a fight ya want, its a fight you'll get!"

"Am I forced to hold this burden? To anger myself, to be iceiliated from this troublesome world?"

"It's pitiful, really. Your'e saying that I can't fight, yet your critcal stupidaty had nealy killed us all?"

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