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Cquote1 Me...? Well, I'm just a guy. Some random person, a speck of dust in the vast universe... But aren't we all...? Oh... You just wanted my name, didn't you...? Cquote2
Cade the Fox.


Due to being an identical twin, his body structure and looks are identical to that of Cayos. He stands at the below average height and weight of a fox Mobian his age. He is a light red and has three bangs on his forehead, and has purple eyes to go with. He has white chest fur and a white muzzle, with white fluff in his large ears.


Cade loves to talk to others, but prefers books over people, similar to Kasper, only much more secluded and private. He likes others; don't get fooled, but he's just more interested in his fantasies than real life. He is shown to really care about people though, and like Imre, believes in the sacrifice of the few to save the many, but only when it's his life, and not others. He also has a strong sense of justice (probably because of all those law books he had read), and tries to help everyone he can.



Cade was born the first of August, twin to Cayo. He often felt like Cayo was the star, and that he was the director. When he was younger, he and Cayo often played together, and they were inseparable, just like today. Cade usually read though, and didn't have many friends other than his brothers, and just wanted to be alone.

Imre's DeathEdit

Just like Cayo, Cade was at the soccer field for practice when they recieved the awful call from their coach. Informed that Imre was injured during a crime, and sprinting like he never had before, he and Cayo took off to go see Imre, with Cayo trying to reassure Case the whole time.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Imre had passed moments before, and Tavor was trying to fight one of the ambulance men. Imre was wheeled into the vehicle, and while the lights flashed, the sirens were quiet.


Just like all his other brothers, he seems to be a normal fox. No special powers here.


Cade actually doesn't really have any sort of ability, and he is just another normal pre-teen. But, he does seem to have an above average sense of touch, and that does make him fairly sensitive.


Like all the Allen brothers, he knows a variety of skills that most twelve-year-olds probably don't.


Cade possesses two, pistol like guns that are more futuristic if anything. They blast out harmless, blue rays of light energy, but they come with much force to where they can hurt schools he need them to. They are mostly grey, with a blue streak on both sides of the barrel. He can use these like an expert guns man, and can shoot with deadly accuracy.


Cade has mostly an all round battling style, though his most noticeable is that he usually fights like a boxer. He always puts his fists up, punches like one, and his stance resembles that. And, he doesn't really do many backflips or twirls while fighting, like his brothers do often. He relies heavily on his speed to give him force though, and is more of a defensive fighter than an offensive.


Cade is an expert locks picker, and can pick any lock. He can do it with virtually anything too; his fingernail, a paper clip, basically whatever works.


Cade is very easy to scare, so that's why he's a prime target for Cayos antics and pranks. He is also very secretive, and often doesn't tell people something that should be said. He also has very bad stage fright, and he'll walk out if he thinks the crowds too large,

He is also claustrophobic, and hates large crowds and small confined spaces.


Being a main character allows him to meet people that are usually not otherwise seen.


Cayo and Cade are great brothers and love each other to where they would die for each other. They hang out together so often that they are rarely seen apart. They get along great, and Cade often worries about him a lot, and Cayo has complete trust in him in everything. They also often team up to prank others, and that gives them a lot of bonding time.


Tavor and Cade seem to get along really well. They both interact a lot, though that's to be expected, since they are brothers. They play games a lot, and talk very highly of each other. Tavor does push him to go outside and do something, and Cade never does oblige to that.


Kasper and Cade get along very well, though they are usually found reading together. They often recommend books for each other, and they'll discuss them once they're done reading it, like a two person book club. They speak very highly of each other, and they hang out a lot.


Imre and Cade got along great, and they often played together. They would often team up to prank Cayo, though this usually never works out well, as Cayo somehow makes the prank backfire onto them. They did also read together, and Imre went to him and Kasper for literary help.

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