Cackle is a Deadly Cockatrice, He is one of Pintor's Stagehands.

Cackle the Cockatrice

Biographical Information
Age +1,000,000


BirthplaceHaunted Ridge
Physical Description
  • Wings


Height6 ft
Weight120 lbs
Right/Left HandRight Hand
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dragoonworks (Secretly)
  • Pintor's Stage Hands
  • Flight
  • Black Magic
  • Deadly Breath

Darkagravakinetic (Control over a certain type of Darkness)

Other Information
American V.A.Chembur
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorChembur


Coming Soon


Cackle is quite secretive, he could be standing by your side one minute, the next he's gone. His name comes from the strange clicking-sound he makes before he breathes a large amount of poison.


being a Cockatrice, he can kill any creature with his breath, except for venomancers and venomkinetics. He also has control over a special form of Dark Energy known as Darkagrava, also known as Darkness of Earth. he can also Fly with his giant wings. Cackle also uses powerful Black Magic at his will, he never runs out of it.

Interactions with others

Pintor the Nexus

Cackle lives within Pintor's Citadel, at the topmost tower. If Pintor requests Cackle's assistance, he merely makes a Clicking noise similar to Cackles. Cackle can easily hear this noise from even several miles away! His poisonous abilities has earned him a position as one of Pintor's Stagehands.

About the Cockatrice

the Cockatrice (Gallicus Halitosis) is a rare creature, whose egg can only be hatched by a Snake or a Toad. the Cockatrice is commonly pictured as a Rooster with a Lizard's tail. The Cockatrice is mistaken with the Baslik, a Shapeshifter. the Cockatrice is not a form of Dragon, as it is a descendant of the flighted Archaopteryx, which makes the Cockatrice a relative of the Semi-Mythical Phoenix.

"If looks could kill...The Cockatrice, like the Baslik is said to kill with a glance, This is of course nonsense.The Cockatrice kills its victims by breathing on them."

Other Info


  • His Artwork is possibly his Creator's best artwork yet
  • in a sense, Cackle is merely a Demonic Chicken with a Demonic Lizards Tail
  • It is shown that Cackle has a slight fear of weasels, as the only animal said to be able to kill a Cockatrice, is a weasel. However this fear only occurs some of the time.
  • If someone says When pigs fly to Cackle, it means yes, as in French, the phrase When pigs fly is when chicken grow teeth, and Cackle is a demonic chicken with teeth.
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