"Hahaha! Now...should I choke them or rip their spines out?!"
—C. D.R.A.A.G. fantasizing about ways to kill Kino and Ohka
Fan Canon
C.C., Drag, Daddy's Little Girl, Baddy One-Shoe,
Chronologically less than a month (Around 5 (Full Battery), Around 15 (Low Battery)
E.N.S.H. (Creator/Father)
Romantic Interests
Her father, D.I.V.A.
Mobians, P.A.L., Kino and Ohka
Appears in

C. D.R.A.A.G. is E.N.S.H.'s artificial "daughter" that he created in the data realm. With the use of countless chips she can change into any mobian species on earth making her The Ultimate Chimera and a deadly foe.


She was solely created in helping her father rule Mobius and The Data realm but in order to do this he needed DNA samples from all over Mobius so for about a year E.N.S.H. would periodically find ways to sneak out of the data realm and draw DNA samples from each and every species known to Mobians. He then used a supercomputer to inject these DNA samples into tiny computer chips. Soon after interviewing Tai, an already existing Chimera and taunting his queen (and crush), D.I.V.A. He disappeared into a portal and began working on C. D.R.A.A.G.'s base design (a human). After completing her he decided to test out the seedrian chip so she could wreak havoc on Starose.


  • Species change- Her most notabe ability is to change her species via ejecting her current species chip (thus turning her back into her Data Realmer, base human form) and inserting the desired one into her throat. She can only be one species at a time so truly knowing an opponet's strength and weakness is the key to absolute victory. A downside to this is constant Species change will drain her internal batteries quicker.
  • Lack of feeling- E.N.S.H. purposely forgot to give her nerve receptors in an attempt to make her stronger. This gives her the inability to feel physical pain. With no pain it's almost virtually impossible for her to physically tire which makes her an even deadlier foe.
  • Battery Life- This is an advantage and a hinderism at the same time. If C. D.R.A.A.G abstains from Species Switching her battery can last up to 48 hours, perfect for killing sprees. But even Switching Species once will almost half her battery life. She doesn't know when he battery is full or not so it's possible for her to "pass out" in the middle of a battle, giving her enemies an edge. While connected to a wall charger she can operate fully but if she moves to far the cord will come out of the wall. She also has a portable charger but this causes her strength to go down by half and her speed doubles.
  • Strength- Being mechanical, her metal punches are devastating and her weight is crushing. Her metal also conducts lightning with no harm done to her whatsoever.

Abilities change with Species


P.A.L.-Like her father, she hates P.A.L with all her might. She especially hates him due to thinking that P.A.L. "stole" her "mama."

E.N.S.H.- She loves her father dearly and will do anything to protect him. She follows his commands without any second thought.

D.I.V.A- Interestingly enough, she has a passion and love for D.I.V.A. that rivals her father's. This is due to C. D.R.A.A.G. believing that D.I.V.A. is truly her mother and P.A.L. simply stole her from E.N.S.H. This can be a hinderism though, since she lacks the ability to kill her false mother.

Kino and Ohka- These are the two people she hates the most even more than P.A.L. himself. This is due to her believing her mom. That being said she believes P.A.L. forced her into having children (which he didn't) which enrages C. D.R.A.A.G. Her one goal in life is to kill Kino, Ohka, P.A.L then get her mom back then she'll have a happy family.


Though initially seen as a robotic slave the people that have fought her can tell you that she has a more sadistic and brutal side, having a habbit to seduce and tease her male enemies before killing them. She also throws cold and psychological insults at her female opponets.

A much more soft and loving side is shown when she's with her father or near D.I.V.A.

In addition to these attributes she has different personalities in correspondence to her battery life. With full battery she acts like a bratty young child who talks in first person. With half to empty battery life she acts a bit more mature and sadistic. She talks normal in this stage.


  • She's more of an artificial cyborg than a robot.
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