Butterfly Effect is a powerful Wind aligned elemental attack. It is commonly granted by use of the Wind aligned Synchro Stone.


The butterly effect is the concept that takes "Every action has a reaction" to the extreme. In theory, the slightest disturbance in the air can determine if something like a tornado takes place in the near future. Something even as subtle as the flapping of a butterfly's wings.

The user creates a a swarm of butterfly's out of wind energy. These butterfly's then flap their wings, and swarm around before disappearing. Then, as an effect of such, a tornado about 50 feet in diameter surrounds the area. This tornado is equal to F3 in power, and lasts only out about 20 seconds to 3 minutes. Only a skilled user can discriminate between targets.


Place the name of any character who can use this technique!

  • Anyone who posseses the Wind Elemental Synchro Stone


Due to the raw destructive power of this skill, it bears the A-Rank

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