This is an article about Buster the Wolfdog/Alpha the Weredog, a character created by DestinyHeart on 07/17/2013.

Buster in his normal form. Alpha is his Werehog form.


Buster- He has fluffy smooth brown shaded fur. His eyes are blue like sapphire and his face is kind and gentle. His accessories include white gloves, white shoes, and a wristband with two lightningbolts and Bolts name on it. His clothing includes jeans and a striped white and brown shirt. He has many wolf features including a bushy tail, a long snout, and a bushy tail. He also has many dog features including small foldedish ears, a low lying tail, and puppy eyes.

Alpha- Everything is the same except that his fur is bushier, he has ripped clothes frome the transformation, and his eyes are completly red


Buster- He is kind, angered easliy, and  a bit shy. His kindness and shyness make him seem like a nice wolfdog, but don't get on his bad side or he will get extremly angered and act like a jerk. He has lost many friends this way.

Alpha- He loses all control over his body and is mean, vicsious, and destructive. He can't help himself and thrashes about and does whatever he pleases till morning when he returns to his normal self.


Buster may have inherited the trait of a weredog from his family or had weredog blood spilled on him in his early life, but his parents and himself are still unaware of the exactly how it happened. Otherwise, Buster is fun and loving wolfdog. Just ask his defender and best friend Bolt the Hedgecat about it. Buster has always been lonely, but ever since 3rd grade Bolt and Buster have been tougher and stronger together once they beat up a bully together. They both knew the friendship was meant to be.


Both- He is a skilled sword fighter, which is why their are no swords in the house when Buster transforms. This is to make sure the swords are not used against Bolt and other mobians in the house. He has mastered many techniques, but not all.


Buster-  Controlling his temper when he doesn't get what he wants.

Alpha- Controlling his body. Which he can sometimes do.


Buster- SilvDiamond Sword- He uses this sword mainly. The sword made interally of diamond except  for the handle. The handle is made of sterling silver.

Traditional Sword- Just a traditonal metal sword with a metal handle and blade.

Potions- For healing wounds.


Father- Dave Flinn

Mother- Cami Flinn

Sister- Jade Flinn

Romantic Interests- Addie the Cat

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