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Cquote1 I'd rather die than continue living in chains! Come on, you bastard! Cquote2
Burst preparing to fight Zagan, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Burst is a major character in the Clash of Mythics series, making her series debut as the primary antagonist and final boss of the first installment of the series, Clash of Mythics: Genesis, in which she is also an unlockable character. Though cited by the Genesis Corporation to be a dangerous threat when left unchecked, which is far from false, she doesn’t seem to mean to cause more trouble than she has to...


Burst is a young Mobian feline standing at four feet, seven inches. Her small but lean body is covered in ivory white fur, while she sports a head of auburn red, shoulder-length, unkempt hair with greyish-white streaks spread all over. Her muzzle and the inner skin of her pointed ears sport a warm ivory complexion and a small black nose can be found on the center of the former. The irises of her eyes are heterochromatic, with her left eye taking on an icy blue coloration while her right eye is colored in a more striking gold hue. More significantly, a series of black markings that glow into a much brighter shade of blue in certain situations can be seen on her right arm.

In her first appearance, her outfit consisted of nothing more than a plain white tank top, a pair of black shorts that only reach her thighs, and a blue, loosely-fitting dress that has seen plenty of wear and tear due to the instability of her latent power. She leaves herself barefoot, having not taken any footwear with her when she rushed her way out of the facility that had been holding her until that point.


Burst is first seen as being incredibly violent and prone to hostility, as shown when she was confronted by Streak, and eventually both Zagan and Raiden, who both came for her for their own reasons. This hostility, however, primarily stems from her own fear towards her own power and its unstable state due to some mishaps on part of the Genesis Corporation. Otherwise, she primarily exhibits a mostly indifferent and deadpan demeanor towards most people, though she also sports several hints of sardonicism and abrasiveness in her attitude.


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Powers and Abilities

Thanks to the several genetic modifications made on her body, she now possesses incredible but highly-unstable power dwelling within her body. It has been implied that the kind of power she wields is on par with the more demonic Vampyrus in terms of overall power.

Currently, her power manifests itself in the form of the Riot Claw - a right arm with markings found all around it. Her blighted arm allows her to summon a large, spectral hand that can grab anyone or anything even several sizes larger than herself. Upon grabbing her target, she can do as she wishes with it, whether it be simply holding it in front of her, using the object currently in her grasp as an impromptu shield, moving it around, or chucking it down on the ground with great force - her favorite method. She can also use the spectral hand to either pull herself towards a location she wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise or pull faraway objects or enemies closer to her instead.

Some applied techniques using her right arm include her Insurgence Rush, in which she rushes forward while letting out a hefty blow, Grand Uprising, in which she performs a grounded uppercut that blasts her opponents high into the air, and Bedlam Spike, in which she lifts the opponent up with a flying knee before spiking them back down with a downward punch.

Her overall physical ability has taken a significant increase, allowing her to fight toe-to-toe with especially powerful individuals such as Zagan while her power remains unrestrained. Strikes made with her right arm are especially powerful as even a single, focused strike from it is enough to deal a heavy amount of damage. Her Sovereign’s Fall technique, in particular, is powerful enough to leave a crater several sizes larger than herself when impacting the ground.

Her Riot Claw is also a perfectly adequate defensive tool, as it appears to be especially durable compared to the rest of her body. This means that she is able to use it to block or deflect any incoming physical strikes and, if she is able to time it perfectly, can even immediately launch her own counter attack the second she grabs the attacking party. Another defensive usage of her arm is her Titan’s Shield technique, in which she raises her hand out towards any form of energy that was externally emitted - typically projectiles that aren’t bullets, arrows, rockets, etc - and absorbs it upon impact. She can then use the absorbed energy against them either through the short-ranged but more manageable Riot Cannon or the longer-ranged and more powerful but far less stable Planet Buster.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest

Attack: 10 - Burst packs an incredible lot of power behind her much smaller frame, making her one of the most powerful individuals in the roster when it comes to raw power.

Defense: 7 - She is also appropriately a tough nut to crack thanks to her heightened durability, especially in regards to her right arm. However, her style of fighting is heavily geared towards maintaining a strong offense in spite of some solid defensive options.

Speed: 7 - Burst is quite quick on her feet, able to get herself where she needs to be in only a moment or two.

Magic: 7 - Though she does possess a plentiful amount of raw power, Burst lacks proper control of it without the use of a physical limiter on her person.

Evasion: 6 - Primarily due to her evident lack of actual skill in a fight, her agility is only slightly above average and can only maintain evasive maneuvers for so long.

Intelligence: 5 - Burst knows just about as much as the average person does. Meanwhile, she can be quite single-minded and hasty while in action.

Skills: 4 - Burst is incredibly lacking in properly-honed fighting ability or actual experience and tends to simply throw her weight around.

Accuracy: 6 - Her wild swings mean that she is notably lacking finesse in her fighting.

Stamina: 9 - In her current state, just about the only thing that can tire Burst out quickly is if she has to unload a large amount of power all at once in any manner.

Tolerance: 8 - The genetic modifications made on her body have significantly toughened her up, making her far less susceptible to pain.

Overall: 70%


Despite possessing incredible power, Burst’s lack of apparent fighting ability or skill is quite apparent, as she tends to simply throw her weight around without much finesse or precision. This means that sufficiently-skilled combatants can possibly take her down, provided they aren’t immediately blasted apart by her raw power before lasting long enough to break through any wide openings she leaves.

Being primarily a close-quarters combatant means that opponents who favor maintaining their distance and controlling the battlefield in a fight are easily able to outmaneuver her and keep her at bay. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able to actually take her down through such methods, however - merely that they can keep her busy.

Burst also isn’t exactly the brightest tool in the shed, as she often leaps into action before thinking things through to an extent greater than the otherwise-just-as-impulsive Zagan. When it comes to pursuing her goals, she essentially suffers from tunnel vision and rarely ever plays along with others when she deems their suggestions to counteract her interests. Combined with her abrasive demeanor, saying that she doesn’t get along with people is edging close to being an understatement.


  • Burst’s red, white, and blue color scheme is taken primarily from Justice from the Guilty Gear series (and definitely not the American flag, among others).
    • Both of them also play the role of the main antagonist and final boss in the first entries of their respective series.
    • Both of them also end up having significant connections with the main protagonist of the series (Zagan for Burst, Sol for Justice).
  • Burst is voiced by Kate Higgins, who has previously voiced Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Lissa from Fire Emblem Awakening, Lady in the more recent entries to the Devil May Cry series, and was also the previous voice actor for Tails in the official Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
    • On that note, Burst was originally planned to have been voiced by Kari Wahlgren, the original voice actor for Lady, before shifting gears.
  • Speaking of Devil May Cry, people will definitely find Burst's usage of what is essentially a cursed right arm used to grab enemies and toss them around to be quite familiar.
  • Her Riot Cannon special move and Planet Buster super take their names respectively from a certain weapon and a specific upgrade available to said weapon from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.
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