Possessing a muscular build, Burnstro stands at 4 feet 2 inches. He has a shortened muzzle, which is dark tan in color with one tinge of fuzz on both sides of his cheeks. This coloring extends nowhere else. The rest of his body is coated in a burnt orange colored fur.  Burnstro has a sleeveless grey gi with nothing under it. On his left and right wrists are a pair of silver cuffs with an orange zigzag pattern running along the middle. He wears a pair of brown tattered pants with frayed edges at the bottom, and an orange sash wrapped around his waist. He wears a pair of black shoes with brown soles. Around his neck is the necklace holding the gem of Ardoris, something he has yet to give away. He has no hand coverings.


(Burnstro is a man who seeks freedom from the gods. He does not like the idea of being under the thumb under any god, and seeks to grow strong enough to free himself from that shackling.) Burnstro, aside from his dislike of gods, is someone with a cool head. Despite his power over fire, he is not easily angered by much and maintains his cool rather well; even in the face of rising difficulty.


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(Burnstro, as an echidna, already possesses extraordinary strength. )

Being a fire user, Burnstro has an advantage over Ice users and other less experienced fire users. Water users also risk the potential of being overpowered as over time, his fire could grow hot enough to render their gifts useless. Any wter users experienced enough, or in tandem with Ice users, could negate this disadvantage by making water cold enough to withstand such heat. Earth users also hold an advantage over him.


Trivia a really old character. His first ever conception saw him existing as my first God of Fire, Ardoris' predecessor. Circumstances led to his replacement with Ardoris and being made a mortal. Dragon Ball, and a little bit of Street Fighter's Akuma, led to where he is at this point in time.

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