Burnout the Hedgehog


Carson Annihilator Phoenix

Carson Annihilator Phoenix

The Carson Annihilator Phoenix is the upgraded version of the Annihilator. It trades one speed point for one boost point. This allows it to accelerate faster and hit harder than the standard car. Its maximum boosting speed is increased by 6 mph, but its cruising speed is decreased by 6 mph as well, making boost a much needed aspect of the vehicle. Then again, when one considers that the Annihilator's handling while boosting is one of its best attributes, it follows suit that more boost would make it even better.

800px-Carson Fastback

Carson Fastback

The Fastback has a decent top speed and great acceleration for a vehicle of its tier and handles well through corners. Its Speed boost is its handicap as it handles best when drifting without boost. Nevertheless, it handles well at top speed, giving it supremacy on highways. Though it looks rough it can still outperform other cars. Perhaps the best part of this car is its strength as even at 70% speed with no boost it can withstand full contact with same way traffic. Even when colliding with walls and other stationary objects, it seems to be able to either achieve a Driveaway or simply bounce off. In either case its strength rating of 5 doesn't quite do justice to the car's remarkable ability to survive nearly anything.



Hunter Takedown 4X4

The Hunter Takedown 4x4 is a Monster Truck with enough strength to match its looks. It is the final of the strength orientated vehicles in Paradise City as well as the fastest. The 4x4 can run headlong into smaller traffic multiple times and not be wrecked. This monster is an ideal Takedown vehicle especially when the player needs those high target amounts of takedowns in the later Road Rage events. It is also useful to use it just watch the chasers bounce off of the Takedown 4x4.


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