Burning Energy is a high-tier genetic ability, allowing the user to 'insert' a Fire-affinity into any of their attacks, while also increasing their power for each opponent they defeat. However, beings with this ability are prone to overheating and dehydration, and as such have to balance their energy expenditure in combat very carefully.


Burning Energy is both a passive and active ability simultaneously. When purposely activated, the user gains a boost in the power of all their techniques, typically adding an additional layer of a Fire-affinity into the technique, allowing for the creation of a variety of 'combination techniques' in a number of advanced elements unconsciously, or at the very least align the user's elementless techniques with fire, creating Fire-based variants.

However, even while inactive, the technique has a second function - for every opponent the user defeats, the ability 'rewards' them with greater power (similar to Moxie), allowing the user to continuously build their power for beating weaker opponents, with no true point for them to peak at. As such, in warfare, these fighters often grow to insanely high levels of power extremely rapidly, to the point where it takes a form higher than super, or a Super form resistant to their Fire-elemental techniques, to defeat them.

However, this technique is, like all high-tier genetic abilities, burdened by a major downside. Like most Fire-based genetic abilities, the use of their powers can throw the user's own core body temperature into flux, often an uncontrolled climb. While this may be useful in a cold environment or while surrounded by water, where the environment can help regulate their temperature, in a standard combat situation, unless fighting a fighter with a colder ability such as water or ice, the user's core body temperature can spiral out of control. While most beings with this ability are quite happy and healthy with a body temperature four or five degrees greater than normal, a temperature jump of twenty degrees leaves them with severe heatstroke and dehydration, while twenty-eight degrees is fatal with no exceptions. As such, these users have to self-monitor their own energy expenditure, in the hope that they can rehydrate & cool down when approaching the danger threshold, or, as is more common, have an ally monitor their heat and pull them out when they start to reach that same threshold.



Technique Rank

As genetic techniques work on a different scale to standard techniques, it is only known that this technique is high-tier, but it's rank is uncertain.

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