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Cquote1.png Burnice Axel, Mage of the flames. Cquote2.png
Burnice the Cat, Mia Lost World

Burnice the Cat


Game appearances
First appearance Mia Lost World
Game appearances
  • Mia Lost World
  • Mia the Hedgehog: The Destruction Begins
  • Cassidy Adventure
  • Cassidy Adventure 2
  • Opal the Cat (2006)
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) ChillyCookie5
Voice Actors
American Voice Actors *Bella Hudson(2006 - Present)
Japanese Voice Actors Unknown
Biographical overview
Age 14
Birthplace Mobius
Also known as
  • The Flame Keeper
  • Burnie
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height 2'3
Weight 32 lbs.
Fur Red, Orange, Yellow, and white (Muzzle)
Eyes Silver
  • Blue shirt
  • White gloves w/ pink rings (grey gloves for 3D artwork)
  • White pants (Has flames on them in Mia Lost World)
  • Purple shoes w/ pink rings
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Hero
Affiliation The Flaming Angels
  • Fire
  • Opal and friends
  • Arcania
  • Arcane powers
  • Doing things herself
  • Power
  • Ambis
Skills, abilities and powers


Moves and techniques
  • FrostFire Bolt
  • Fire Blast
  • Blink
  • Counterspell
  • Arcane Explosion
  • Flame Strike
  • Time Warp
  • Alter Time
  • Smite
  • Lightning
  • Wather Manipulation
Ability type Speed

Burnice the Cat (燃やすアイス·ザ·猫 Moyasuaisu za Neko) is a fictional, anthropomorphic cat from the Opal the Cat/Mia the Hedgehog Series.

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 9
Spcl. Atk 7
Defense 9
Spcl. Def 6
Speed 10
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 9
Psyche 8
Intellect 10
Total 86/100


Burnice is a orange cat with silver eyes. She has red hair, yellow ears and tail flames and a white muzzle, which was a little messy for Mia Lost World.


Burnice has a mix of Blaze and Shadow's personality, Burnice likes doing things herself, but still knows friendship. Burnice is a loner, and can be arrogant at times, she is a big threat to evil though.

Burnice is very powerful, she has arcane and fire powers, and even IS from a place with a population of arcane people. Though very powerful, if she gets to much power, she can be like Enerjak.

When Burnice was little, she was very shy and cautious because she was in a world she didn't know about, though she did remember everything that happened in her future/dimension and her powers she was given to protect herself.


Early Life

Burnice was born in the Arcane Demension, also known as Arcania, she was the only child until Ambis the Bat, decided Arcania would be a good place to take over. Burnice's parents decided that they couldn't take care of her anymore due to Ambis. Burnice was sent back in time because her mom had physic powers(Possibly a Silver descendant? Wait, Burnice is IN the same future as Silver!). Burnice found herself in a town called Station Square, which was still recovering from Perfect Chaos' attack. She starts to drown in water because she landed in water and got saved by Sonic. Burnice was shivering because she is a pyroknetic and fire is weak to water, Burnice is embarrassed and traumatized at Sonic appearing in front of her. Sonic asks who is she and Burnice is too hesitant to say anything because she was shy when she was little. Then Ambis comes in and kicks Sonic in the face, Burnice remembers Ambis and what she did to her world, and starts attacking immediately.

Other Game Appearances

Powers and Abilities

Fire Blast

Fire Blast makes a fire bolt that comes from all 4 directions. It also gives Burnice a shield and gives her a fire aura around her.

Flame Strike

Flame Strike is a move when she boosts a jump in the air creating a fire shield. It is a lot like the Axel Jump, except that Burnice doesn't spin when she is using it.

Time Warp

Alter Time


Burnice is abel to use a healing spell called Smite, it shoots a burst of holy power to attack her opponent, healing herself as well.


Blink is a power that lets Burnice teleport to confuse her opponent.


Arcane Explosion


Weather Manipulation

Super Transformation



Canon Characters

Fandom Characters







  • If the Super Genesis Wave didn't strike, Brunice would of never existed, neither Ambis.(Only for Archie Continuity.)