Cquote1 I'm not weak, but I'm not invincible, either. You need to realize that we have our strengths and weaknesses, and I'm willing to jump off this cliff and prove it!Cquote2 - Burn to his parents.

Burn the Pheonix
Burn The Pheonix Concept
January 16th
Height and Weight
100 cm, 75 lbs.
Hero for Hire/Good
Warmth, Getting Strong, Spicy Peppers, Lifting Weights, Beating Rivals
Snow, Water, Getting Annoyed, Thunder, Lightning, Justin Beiber, Llamas
Ability Type
Power, Fire
Theme Song
"Burning Bright", by Shinedown
Voice Actor
David Boreanaz
Voice exactly like...
Leon (Kingdom Hearts)

Burn the Pheonix is a prince from another dimension that manipulates fire. He became pals with Sparky after a mixed up meeting.


Burn has messed up hair, looking somewhat similar to a character in Final Fantansy. His body is red, and some of his feathers are orange. Due to massive amounts of excersize, Burn became very, very muscular. He was small wings used to glide that are tucked under his arms, and he can spread them out like a flying squirrel.


Burn is serious, yet open to be silly. His past as part of the Dimins military caused him to develop his part-serious attitude. When there's a mission or objective at hand, he gets serious. If otherwise, he's as silly as a cartoon character. People can be confused because of this.

Sometimes, his seriousness can drive him mad at times. Burn's rashness can drive him insane. A perfect example of this is whenever he hears Justin Beiber music. His teammates hate it, too, but they can at least tolorate it. If he hears any song made by Justin Beiber, or if he sees Beiber himself, he will go insane and attempt to destroy the source or injure Beiber.

Strengths and Powers

Hence his name, Burn can manipulate fire. He can wield it as semi-solid weapons, or plain projectiles. Burn can glide with his mini-wings and has amazing vision, due to being a bird.

Burn is also very strong, being able to break walls easily, and even being able to match the strength of Knuckles the Echidna at times.

While in the military, he became a master of hand-to-hand combat and gained detective skills, such as investigation, critical thinking, and the psychology of the criminal mind.

Burn's Super Form is Blazing Burn. His feathers turn golden, but his hair glows in a flaming pattern.


Burn's temper can lead to him being easily distracted. Like any other pyrokinetic, he is weak to water, and hates it unless he has to drink it.


Burn started out as an heir to the throne of the Sky of Dimins. He grew up pampered and spoiled, but Burn was rebellious and wanted to do things his own way. He snuck out of his castle one day, and the castle guards caught him. Disappointed in Burn, the King and Queen Pheonix, his parents, moved him out of the castle and sent him to the military. Burn became strong and smart, but he could care less about being in an army. He escaped again, but instead going to the surface of Dimins. He met Jess the Prankster, who taught him the strange ways of the surface of that dimenson. Both were fed up with the constant rules, and they joined forces to hop dimensions, having several adventures, and coming across Sparky the Hedgehog in the process. The three formed Team Storm, promising to beat Eggman no matter what and to fight crime until it dies entirely.



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Relationships with Other Characters

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---King and Queen Pheonix

The king and queen were Burn's parents, and made him go to the military after his breakout from the castle. Burn currently wants to prove to his parents it's okay to have fun and that he wasn't weak.



---Sparky the Hedeghog

Sparky joined Burn when the two meet in Seaside Hill. Sparky enjoy's Burn's strength and ability to have fun.

---Jess the Prankster

Jess and Burn are like Peanut Butter and Jelly: they always get along and treat each other like bothers. Jess loves to bug Burn, but sometimes Burn can't tolorate it and can resort to violence to get him to stop.




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---Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Burn hates the docter to a point of maddness, and can go insane if he lets him get away.


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"Dang it, Jess! We don't have time for this!"

"Of all the things to happen....."

"What. The. Frack."




  • Burn's voice actor has also voiced Leon from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.
  • Burn's original name was going to be "Ash", but it reminded SuperSonic096 of something that drove him nuts, so the name was cut and replaced with "Burn".
  • Burn's serious behavior, hand-to-hand combat, and detective skills are based off the Batman, a DC Comics super-hero.
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