Burn is a former scientist of the Elemental Rings Factory in Greenflower City. He is an intelligent, curious man who loves to experiment with things. He became one of the factories leading scientists, and was given his own personal lab on their ocean facility. However, some time after his promotion, he resigned his position as scientist and soon became a chef at the Jalapeño Palace; a restaurant in town.

He is married to Aura The Hedgehog, and together they had one child.

He and Aura suddenly went missing several years ago, and their child was taken into The Black Rose Orphanage. However, in current times, the family has been reunited after many hardships.

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Burn is a slightly dark red hedgehog with fiery yellow markings on the bottom-sides of his quills. He has five thick quills, each one curved upwards, with his center pair curving more than the bottom two, and the top one pointing skyward. He has golden eyes, and four bangs of hair that split into pairs that hang over both sides of his face, just wide enough to not obstruct his vision.

Burn's general outfit consists of a black longcoat which he keeps unzipped with the sleeves rolled up, black pants with a gray belt, an olive-green scarf, red shoes with black straps, and black, fingerless gloves with a fire insignia on the back of them.


Burn is a curious and thoughtful man. He likes to think about all the possibilities to the situation. He is quite fond of sharing his knowledge with others, and enjoys collaborating with others.

He is also a very cautious person, and withholds secrets from everyone but those he trusts closest.

Strengths and Powers

As a former scientist, Burn is very intelligent. He created the gloves he currently wears, fittingly named the "Blaze Gloves", which help him control his flames more accurately. As well as inventing a few other things, he was most knowledgeable in the makings of Elemental Rings.

He is also a relatively good cook.

As his name describes, Burn is a pyrokinetic hedgehog. He is vastly skilled in handling fire, and often experiments with it as well. With his wife being a martial artist, he picked up some moves from her. He also passed a few down to his son, later on.

General Info

Burn lives in a relatively old house in Greenflower City. He is the father of Splice The Hedgehog, and a former scientist. He now has a full-time job at a fancy, Spanish restaurant named "Jalepeno Palace".

In his days as a scientist working for the Elemental Rings Factory, he would often work on side projects for himself. He created the Blaze Gloves, which he wears all the time when not at work. He also made Splice's "Neo Gloves" not long after he was born. When Splice first received them, they were actually "deactivated", and their power lay dormant within the red slot and cyan gem. While exploring his lab sometime before reuniting with him, Splice unwittingly wandered into the capsule that activated the Neo Gloves. Burn had built a capsule that would only react to Splice's gloves, so that should he need to use their power some day, he could bring them back to their full power.

He also created the Winter Ring, a powerful Elemental Ring that surpassed all the others the factory had been producing. It was meant to be an anniversary gift for his wife, Aura. He was only able to achieve this through the collaboration between him and Kyle Tyris' father.

Items Currently In Possession

Blaze Gloves: Fingerless gloves with a fire insignia on the back. They both enhance and ease the control of his fiery powers.


Burn has a bit of a developing history. It all began with Splice. Around the time Splice was first created, he was referred to as an orphan. He had no memories of his parents, yet he had a photograph of them in his livingroom. Months later, I decided on a name for his father, in an attempt to start up a backstory for him. His name, was Burn.
Burn the Hedgehog

Burn's Older Design
(Could be considered a younger self.)

It wasn't until a couple of years later when I actually took another step further into making his backstory. I managed to get a design for him down, and a name for his wife. Yet, I ended up forgetting her original name, and ended up going with Aura. It might actually have been Aurora, but I stayed with the current one.

The real challenge lay in one simple question: If he was alive, then where on earth was he all this time? And Aura, for that matter? Where were they? This was technically a more difficult question to answer than the infamous dilemma with David and Sarah's story, yet I managed to solve it far sooner. He and Aura's stories would be told, during the course of Splice The Hedgehog, the fangame in production. However, time passed, and their story still has not yet been told. I then decided to at least update their designs, mainly Burn's, so I could write their pages.


Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): He is an important character in the story.

Relationships with Other Characters


Aura The Hedgehog

Aura is his wife, whom he loves dearly. He tries to spend as much time with her as possible nowadays, due to being separated from her for years.

Splice The Hedgehog

Splice is his son, and the one who brought the family back together. They have a lot to catch up on; he's upset that he missed his own son's days of growing. But he's glad that they're together again.

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