You may have read my page...describing my story...

But you don't know about life....the full story.

It was all good back then, my parents and I lived in Emerald City. We adopted a half mobian, half human named Hunter. I was about 10 when we adopted Hunter, while he was 7 1/2. We are like a family, until it happened. It was stormy, and me and Hunter were leaving Summer Camp. We were having a good time, until a car crashed into us.

Hunter was ok, but I was badly injured. I was rushed to the hospital, but then, I had a brain transplant. I had half of my memories removed. At least I remembered Hunter. He was my brother of course. Our parents died from the car crash.....though.

So till this day....Hunter and I made a vow. We should find my memories, and sometimes, its like an adventure. But that's OK. I love adventures, bring it on Mobius.

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