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Bunnie Rabbot/

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Bunnie Rabbot is a teenage rabbit cyborg and a Freedom Fighter.


Bunnie is depicted in brown tones, wearing a violet leotard and having four or five digits total on her robotic hand. In the comics, her muzzle became white and her brown gradually lightened to orange and, eventually, pale yellow, while her robotic hand gained a more normal structure. Her roboticization is occasionally extended to part of her torso, and her roboticized parts are sometimes forgotten. Her eyelids are generally violet or pink, while the area around them are brown or violet. As with many characters, her eyes were initially coloured pale blue, but were later established as green, as they were in SatAM. Depending on the artist, her tail is either depicted as a metal ball, a white cottontail puff, or a general short tuft. Her left ear is often flopped, though this is not a constant feature.

After her redesign, Bunnie now has pale yellow fur, a white muzzle, and vibrant emerald-green eyes. Her eyelids (as well as around the eyes themselves) are generally violet and her right ear is flopped. Her hair, starting off as a tuft of bangs on the back of her neck and forehead, grew from childhood into shoulder-length, and then down to her waist which she began tying back in a single ponytail. Bunnie most pronounced feature are her cyborg limbs as a result of her roboticization, with her left arm and lower torso from the waist being cybernetic. Originally being more clunky and heavy in appearance, her robotic parts were replaced with sleeker, more modern versions. As a child, Bunnie wore purple overalls, a white shirt, gloves, and bows at the tip of her ears. After her Roboticization, Bunnie began wearing a pink singlet instead and eventually discarded her bows after becoming a teenager.


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