Bunnie D'Coolette (nee Rabbot) is a main protagonist of Re: Sonic GX and a minor character in Re: Sonic GX2.


After Robotnik was defeated, Bunnie tried to be robotisized, but it didn't work, as a side effect of be half robotisized. She lied saying she wanted to wait until true peace was achieved, as she didn't want others to feel bad for her.


In her first appearance, she looked like her SatAm counterpart, until she went to Sonic's world, causing her to change into her Archie comic counterpart.


Bunnie is friendly and brave. She is not afraid to stand up to afraid of sticking up to arrogant and rude people. She was very sensitive of her robotic limbs, until Antoine helped her.

Powers & Abilities

Robotic Arm: Bunnie's arm have many abilities, including a Laser Cannon form, a Sword form, and superhuman strength.

Robot Legs: Bunnie's Legs have rocket thrusters for flight.


Antoine: Antione is a good friend turned boyfriend, turned husband. She often gets annoyed by his bragging, but loves him either way.

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