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Bunnie D'Coolette

Bunnie D'Coolette (birth name Bunnie Rabbot (pronounced rah-BOW)) is a mobian rabbit (although she has most of her body replaced by robotics) and wife to Antoine D'Coolette. While originally a normal little girl, she was half roboticized after receiving fatal wounds during Dr. Eggman's takeover. Since then, she has used her incredible to fight Dr. Eggman's forces alongside the Freedom Fighters.


Bunnie is a brown rabbit with light brown around her muzzle and inside her ears and dark brown around her eyes. She has emerald green eyes and one of her ears are constantly flopped over. Her hair, starting off as a tuft of fur on the back of her neck is neatly tied into a pigtail.

Her biggest feature are her robotic limbs, a result of being partially roboticized which affected her right arm and everything from her thighs and downward.

For attire, Bunnie currently wears a purple tunic, white gloves with purple cuffs, and a brown cowboy hat with a matching jacket. Another outfit included her wedding dress, which was white with silver trim. As a child, Bunnie wore purple overalls, a white shirt, white gloves, and pink bows that were tied to her ears (which were eventually discarded. After her robotication, be began wearing a purple singlet.


Bunnie was orphaned in Royal Hills Zone when she was still very young and would be put under Rosie Woodchuck's care after being discovered by Rosie and Charles. During Dr. Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis, Bunnie was caught in the crossfire of the attack, leaving her fatally wounded. Having no other choice, Charles took her to his lab in Knothole where he became the first test subject of the Roboticizer and while she was saved, half of her body parts were replaced by robotic parts.

As she learned how to walk again, she was picked on by the other kids, but would find comfort from Marsha, Julie, Dulcy, and the other children that would become the Freedom Fighters. Shortly after Sonic arrived, Bunnie was inspired by his heroics and joined her friends in forming the Freedom Fighters, lending her cybernetic abilities to the team.

As time went on, it became clear that she needed an upgrade for her cybernetics. While she could accept an upgrade from Rotor, Tails, and Charles, this would also ensure that could possibly never be deroboticized. With Antoine's love and support, Bunnie became dedicated to her cyborg life. At some point, Bunnie and Antoine eventually got married after growing so close.


Bunnie has always been kind and friendly, going back to when she was a child dreaming about marrying a gentleman and settling down.Though her spirit was briefly strained from Dr. Eggman's takeover, Bunnie soon grew a fiery but good-hearted nature with help from her friends.

Powers and Abilities

As a result of being partially robotcized, Bunnie had super strength in her limbs and is able to extend them to she can grab things from beyond her reach. Bunnie is very agile and has sharp hearing, but isn't much of a swimmer. Aside from her strength, Bunnie has rockets built into her feet for flying, a transforming arm canon, forcefield gnerators, and a built-in computer so she can sync up with NICOLE. In addition, Bunnie is trained in martial arts, which is only enhanced by her robotics.


Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine first saw Bunnie while she was struggling to walk again with her new limbs, which inspired him to do more. They join the Freedom Fighters together where they would become close allies and friends and would eventually begin dating which resulted in getting married.



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