Bud green the fox
Bud Green the Fox Fix
melix creek, Crestillia
Black robe, Grey boots, white glove, mechanical hand
5 knifes, Gun
commander of the WCU

bud green is a deep-aqua fox with hazel eyes and a mechanical hand. he is a commander in the White Cloud Union, who fights against the Chaos Falcon Legion, a vast army that takes over entire planets. He used to be a general of the Chaos Falcon Legion, but he betrayed them and went to the WCU.

Early life

he was born in the Planet Crestillia, a planet much like Mobius. He lived in Melix Creek and grew up there, along with his parents and brother, Jack Green. He worked in an insurance company at Notnarcs City until a group of gangsters raided the building and knocked Bud out of the window(and he was on the top floor of an 8 story building) and was saved by Bruce, a Mobian Buffalo and CFL general.

CFL general

Bud then worked for the CFL and became the general and killed Bruce for the position. He conquered about 19 planets and lost one of his hands by a planet populated by Zoah. He made peace treaties with other evil forces and teamed up with them. He also enslaved all people on planets he took over, mind controlling them (doing this by making a peace treaty with a clan of Voxai and having them mind control the citizens).

commander of the WCU

Much later, he went back to his hometown to save it from a raid by a different group, the Weegees (long story). Once he saved his town, he realized the true evil in the things he did, and betrayed the CFL by setting his whole army free and imprisoned others who tried to retaliate. he used his experiece from the CFL to help the WCU fight them. Because of this, 2 out of the 3 remaining generals(not counting Bud) were captured and 6/8 of the army was diminished since Bud's Treason. Now he is in Mobius to investigate a new threat that came to the planet recently.


before joining CFL, Bud was hardworking and a pacifist. He enjoyed the simple things in life and was a friend to many people. When he joined the CFL, he was ruthless and power hungry, shown bt the fact he killed his mentor, Bruce for the position of General. He hates it when people insulted him and usually hurts them seriously. He didn't care about others and thought he was superior and only listened to the leader of the CFL. When he betrayed them, he returned to his normal personality, excluding the pacifist part. he only killed enemies who killed others, and imprisoned others who didn't. Because of this, he became wise and believes that nobody should deserve to die unless they commit something such as killing. He also is suffering from Post-Traumatic Distress Syndrome.


  • his mechanical hand can be used as a flail or a communicator.
  • he was originally designed as having three tails.
  • he also had many scars and a nick in his ear.
  • when he was general, he used an illegal poison on his knife that can kill in minutes.
  • he used to be called Bloodshot when he was in the CFL.
  • His Gun can shoot Stun Darts.


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