Bryson was a genetically engineered hedgehog. He hails from Moebuis. He was originally a failed military project. However he broek free from the confines of the hidden base. He constantly feels the need to cause pain so he can give himself a purpose for why he was created.


Bryson the Hedgehog

Current Years and Days
Name Bryson the Hedgehog
Kana N/A
Weapons Fists, and limbs
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Fighter
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronological Age: 5
  • Physical Age:27
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Grey
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Gender:Male
Description (Pending)
Attire [Clothing] (Pending)
Affiliation(s) Neutral/Evil
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Hand-To-Hnad Combat
  • Weapons Expert
  • Super Strength
Relatives N/A
Likes Fighting, believing in a purpose, winning
Dislikes Losing, Talking
  • Laboratory
Current Residence
  • Travels
Alternative Names
  • Killer
  • Shark Fist
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
Theme Song(s)
Ezekiel Jackson theme (Domination)

Ezekiel Jackson theme (Domination)


Bryson was created after scientists ran a multitude of tests. This would allow them to create some-one who was super strong and never tired out. They ran tests that would study the physical levels of athletes,and their blodd rate increase/decrease. They studied the heart, and all of its functions. They then soon constructed a mechanism hat functioned like a heart, but wihtout all of the needs that a regular heart would need. They decided to create the perfect soldier. The scientists spent years creating an "exoskeleton" stype armor that would protect Bryson from normal damage such as falls, normal or slightly above average hits, and even hits from those with super strength. Next they used circuit wires that were connected to an electrical discharge they would permanetly function the heart. Finally they used an average moebian to create the animal like characteristics. This would protect Bryson from rain, electricity, etc. However the design malfunctioned causing a massive explosion throughout the base. After this the explosion was covered up and called a mere "incident". They locked up Bryson's body. However he wouldn't remain in confine.

Escape and Betrayal

The scientists had already began on creating new material for the military to defeat Scourge the Hedgehog and the Suppression Squad. However they infiltrated the base, and caused mayhem for the scientists. They tried to capture them, but failed. They made their way to were Bryson was locked away. They recalibrated Bryson's (mainly Boomer Walrus) circuits. He soon awoke, and was dragged out of the base by the Suppression Squad. After he was fully calibrated Bryson betrayed the group easily defeating Scourge, Patch, Anti-Tails, and only having trouble with Alicia Acorn and Boomer Walrus. Bryson looked back at the grou and claimed "I didn't need your help."


Bryson was constantly angry. He never really knew the reason for his creation, but quite frankly he didn't care. He was there, and was sure going to make a reason. He began fighting radom people beating them nearly to death. He was soon discovered by a Talent Scout. Bryson began working with the man, and he competed in tournament after tournament making money. However Bryson got tired of fighting people he already had before just to make money. He left Moebuis hoping to find some "fresh meat".


Bryson's most notable ability is his monstorous strength rivaling Knuckles. Bryson can also use his amrs like rocket launchers to hit enemies from long distance. Bryson has the ability to hurt anyone without remorce. No one has ever loved him, and vice versa. He really doesn't know what it feels to have friends or a love. Bryson can stretch his limbs out to attack opponents as well.


Bryson's main weakness is perhaps his lack of speed. He isn't really slow, but he isn't as fast as Knuckles or Sonic. Also Bryson doesn't really ever have a strategy. He just tends to have a bash 'em up style of fighting. Bryson also constantly has "heart" paisn for unknown reasons. This pain can immobilize him, and his heart is a weakspot. While water doesn't really effect him, Bryson cannot swim.


Bryson is a loner. He is always angry, and easily provoked. His aggression knows no bounds. He is constantly fighting so he doesn't feel obsolete. He feels if he stops clenching his fists at the world that his purpose, and everything he worked hard for would slip through his fingers. Bryson chooses not to socialize with others. When in battle Bryson is confident in his abilities. He doesn't brag or show any signs of smugness. However he does get very aggressive in combat.

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