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Bryce the Wolf is a character created by Darkest Shadow. He is a model working at Project Maserati.

General Info

Bryce Chancelor Tiller is a twenty-one year old wolf from Tailswing, South Portland. He played football for his high school and college, as his favorite number, 52. He was a talented, attractive football player. However, Bryce didn't really care about the sport. He was one of the most popular guys in the school.

However, he kept a big secret throughout high school; he's gay. Nobody noticed, but he had a massive crush on the quarterback, who also happened to be his best friend at the time. In college, he was made fun of severely for it when he came out of the closet in his freshman year.

Wanting a new start, Bryce moved to Eifflyn, and was quickly recognized by a certain husky. This husky worked as a model at a well known company known as Project Maserati. Quickly, she wanted to get him hired as a model, because he was extremely attractive and thought that he'd fit the bill.


On the outside, Bryce is normally quiet and chill. He's on his phone most of the time. He doesn't really talk to a lot of people unless he knows them.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength

Bryce is physically extremely strong. Playing football for most of his life, he is able to attack full on and pin them down to the ground. He also tends to lift weights a lot.


Valentina the Husky- Valentina is Bryce's best friend. The two met online, and were chosen to join Project Maserati on the same day, and they even closer friends. Valentina is the first person Bryce came out to since she was the first girl to kiss him.

Christina the HedgeCat- Christina and Bryce are very close friends. Bryce is a big fan of Christina, so they became friends very easily. Christina had a crush on Bryce when she first came, but when she found out he was gay, they just decided to stay friends. He usually hangs out at her house after work.

Evan the Deer- Evan is Bryce's crush. Of course, Evan has no clue about Bryce's thing for him. Evan does think he's a great friend though.


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