Brutus the Golisopod is a large, rather slow-witted Golisopod who is a former member of Lycus' Gang. Brutus followed Sleek the Salazzle to Lycus' Gang out of a one-sided infatuation that Sleek used to manipulate the dim-witted Hard Scale Pokemon, but has since betrayed the Gang in favor of The Storming Alliance. He is currently a warrior of The Megastone Rogues under Splash the Greninja.


Brutus is a blue and purple bipedal, arthropod-like Pokemon. He has a domed carapace on his head and back, six arms (two large and clawed and the other four tiny and vestigal) and a section of exoskeleton on his lower body resembling a sumo wrestler's loincloth.


Brutus is rather slow and dim-witted, essentially making him a Pokemon version of Sonic Boom's Knuckles the Echidna. Still he seems to truly know right from wrong, as when Dr. Finitevus begins to put his plan to capture Austin and Storm together into motion, Brutus runs off to warn the Storming Alliance.


Before the Series: At an unknown point in time, Sleek-as Salandit-met Brutus when the latter was Wimpod. Brutus became instantly infatuated with her(likely because of his low intelligence), and became her loyal helper. He soon evolved into Golisopod and helped Sleek-after she evolved into Salazzle-attempt to nab all the mysterious Z-Crystals to help her in her conquest of their home of Alola. This caused him to run into mountain-dwelling Alolan Marowak Hunter and his friends, Alolan Sandshrew Puck and Alolan Vulpix Veila. Later, Brutus would go with Sleek to the Outsiders and then leave them with her to join Eggman. When Sleek ditched Eggman to become part of Lycus' Gang to work for Finitevus, Brutus naturally went with her.

Austin's Flight: Brutus appears when he arrives at the Storming Base. He reveals that he left Lycus' Gang because he didn't like what Finitevus was planning.

The Villain's Reveal: Brutus is mentioned after Michael Smith is badly injured by Finitevus. It is mentioned that he feels terrible for the injuries Finitevus gave the white-furred warrior.


Despite never being seen in battle, Brutus has one confirmed move, Razor Shell.


Brutus' Ability is Emergency Exit.


Brutus is easily able to use his massive frame to throw his opponents away or crush them.


Being a Bug-Water Type, Brutus is weak to Electric, Flying, and Rock; he resists Water, Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel.

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