This is an article about Brunia, Champion of Helussa, a character created by Jaredthefox92 on 08/25/2015.

(Note: This latest incarnation of Brunia is untested, as such she lacks proper character development and will need to be updated the more she is used.)

Brunia Praxton,(in her Flawed Deties reboot) is a Sorceress champion of Helussa,Goddess of Sorcery Unlike her previous version, this version of Brunia is more compliant with orders and doesn't possess plasma abilities, but rather a variety of magic and spells at her disposal.


Burnia' appearance has been drastically altered when she "ascended" into Helussa's control. Her once chestnut brown fur is now a violet color.. Her eyes have turned purple and glow with a mystical radiance. Her hair has also been altered apparently as her hair now seems to glow with a golden radiance.. She has started to wear huge rings around her tail as her transformation have her an enlarged tail. She also found a belt she liked and Being an adult Mobian vulpine would make her tall for her species height roughly around the equivalent of 4'5ft.


Brunia's posh, ambitious, and arrogant personality hasn't changed all that much. However, she is now more of a dark sorcerersess type instead of an evil overlord persona. Sort of a female Eliphas the Inheritor, only if Eliphas was a champion of Tzeentch and not of Khorne,(because Khrone is Grief. in Flawed Deities.)


Previously Brunia's powers were based around plasma powers granted to her by "the Void", however since I, Jaredthefox92 couldn't make her Baila's champion, then I have decided to give her a variety of spells and mystical powers bestowed to her by her patron goddess.


Mystical Mastery

Brunia, being on of Helussa's favored champions has access to many a mystical tome, scroll, or secret presented by her patron goddess. As such in terms of mortal comprehension of magic Brunia is masterful and scholarly about many spells, hexes, summons, incantations, and rituals.

Mark of Helussa

Helussa has bestowed her mark upon Brunia thus granting her various powers and abilities to Brunia. It is belived that Helussa's mark has allowed Brunia to be able to decypher and forbidden secrets, given her a meager amount of pyshic powers, and allows her own mana supply to regenerate much rapidly than by her lonesome.


Mystical Arts Study

Brunia has spent a long time learning and mastering her own knowledge and skills in the mystical arts, thus she is known to be very informed due to years of research and studying.


Over the course of her studies, Brunia has learned to interpret, read, and speak a variety of languages.Even dead languages which come in hand for understanding old scrolls, tomes, and magic words.


Bad at Melee and CQC combat.

Being a purely magic based character and a sorceress Brunia is known to forgoe melee combat for long range spells and attacks. Thus unless supported by a power enhancing attack otherwise she is rather poor in melee combat.

Weak Endurance.

As stated above, Brunia is a thinker and not a brawler. Most of her attacks are made for long range or to affect her opponents. This being said, Brunia is also rather weak physically when dealing with characters with above average might or melee force.

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