Bruciare the Catchilla

Biographical Information
AliasKnight of Agni's Flame
Romantic Interests (pending)
Physical Description
  • Fur:Orange, w/ white muzzle and chest fur and red markings
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Brown leather vest with gray lining
  • Brown leather belt w/ gold buckle
  • Brown leather glove/bracers
  • Brown and gray sandals
  • Silver dog tag on necklace
  • Gold earrings
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryKatana (formerly)
  • Advanced Combat
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Skilled w/ Inferno Blade
  • Heightened Manipulation of Inferno-flames
  • Super Speed
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Bruciare the Catchilla is a soldier and later knight that serves the Fire Clan of Fiamme and an Inferno Knight in the Pyranic Empire.


Bruciare grew up amongst the Fire Clan, and from a young age learned how to control Fire from his family and friends. However, during the Elemental Wars, Prince Draco Pyrinth of the Pyranic Empire began regularly appearing at the Clan lands and requesting a mutual trade deal, providing Fire Clan members with access to advanced styles of Fire in both Kinetic and Mance-type skills and the aid of the Empire's army, in exchange for military support in the Empire's battles. Bruciare was the first soldier to gain interest in the idea of learning greater powers to greater aid their hunt for Fiamme and to hurt the soldiers of the Ice Clan of Kyanos, whom he was convinced had taken Fiamme. He gained the permission of the Clan leaders, then left with the prince, joining a training regiment of Pyranic Empire soldiers. Failing to get the intricate skills of teamwork shown by most of the soldiers, Bruciare requested transfer into the squires, and to learn how to become a knight. This was agreed to by the head Battlemaster of the Empire, and Bruciare's training began at the hands of Sir Singe the Hedgerabbit. Beginning his training, he faced off against the knight with his katana, only to be easily beaten by the knight using a sword and shield made purely from Inferno-flames, a kind of highly compressed fire capable of stopping other forms of energy and countering items with mass. Within a month, Bruciare could form his own Inferno Blade and Shield, as well as form armors and attacks from it. While he hadn't mastered it, Singe admitted that Bruciare had progressed to a level that only self-exploration could aid. With that, Bruciare returned to the Fire Clan as a knight of the Pyranic Empire and the first knight of the Fire Clan.


Bruciare is a capable swordsman, using feline reflexes and superhuman speed to defeat opponents much larger and stronger than himself, even swordsmasters. Originally, he would use a katana with a red flaming skull motif on the tip of the hilt, and a skull-shaped guard. However, after being trained as a knight, he forms an Inferno Blade and an Inferno Shield simply by snapping his fingers on the specific hand, forming the weapon. He has reasonable skill with Fire-based abilities, which was mostly close-combat based until his Knight training, from then, he gained a number of powerful Fire and Inferno-flame abilities usable over short to long distances. As a knight, he also can summon a tamed Fire Spirit he calls Still, which takes on the appearance of a fully-armored Fire Knight who fights with its own Inferno Blade. He has brilliant night-vision due to his cat heritage, and that does nothing to limit his daytime vision distances, which extend a rather long distance as well.

Fire Abilities

Inferno Abilities

Elementless Techniques


Bruciare has a dedicated and focused personality, devoted to Fiamme and the leaders of his Clan, and serving them as best he can. It was this that drove him to train to become a knight and become trained in Inferno flames. He was also determined to serve Balance, and if that meant killing members of other clans including their enemy, the Ice Clan of Kyanos or outsiders, then so be it.

Allies and Enemies






His name is the Italian word for burn.

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