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There are a few fish around this state. There are four ponds where fishing is possible here. Many of the state's fish can be found in these ponds. Others can be seen swimming under the ice in pathes around the state. The majority of the fish found in this state are unique to Brrgh, such as Bear Acudas and PB&J fish. There are also non-anthro polar bears and pathers that can be found wandering around Brrrgh. However, they are all very friendly and love people.

The only vegetation found anywhere in this state are deciduous trees. They are not very plentiful and, when found, are covered in snow.


The climate of the interior of Brrrgh is subarctic. Some of the highest and lowest temperatures in Brrrgh occur around the area near Frostbite. The summers may have temperatures reaching into the 90s °F (the low to mid 30s °C), while in the winter, the temperature can fall below −60 °F (−51.1 °C). Precipitation is sparse in the state, often less than 10 inches (254 mm) a year, but what precipitation falls in the winter tends to stay the entire winter.


Brrrgh was the fifth of the six original states to join Toonada in 1614. It is rumored that the first Mobians, Toons, and Humans came here hunting and gathering. All of the hunting and gathering that people say happened is also rumored to be why there are no plants besides trees here and there are not as many animals as would be expected in a subarctic climate.

When the attack of the Sprocket Baddies happened, Brrrgh was hit very badly. Sprocket Baddies here are just slightly weaker than the ones in Dreamland Bay. The number of Baddie Buildings here are astonishly abundant, and the number of floors are usually 4-5 floors. Also, in Polar Place, Law Baddies built an entrance to Law Baddy Headquarters. Today, heroes come here to finish their gag and weapon updating. Training is extremely difficult here, and this is where many heroes decide not to go on, due to the tasks they are put through even from the beginning.

Notable Areas

Frostbite - Capital of Brrgh, and coldest city in the country. Only city where there are no Sprocket Baddies in the state.

Sleet City - Most high-tech city in the city. Also safest city in Brrrgh.

Walrusville  - Stop for the St. Rod boat. Has mostly Boss Baddies, with no Cash or Sale Baddies.

Polar Place - Has the most dangerous Sprocket Baddies in the state. Also contains the entrance to Law Baddie Headquarters.


  • Sprocket Baddies here range from levels 5-9. This is only slightly weaker than Dreamland Bay baddies, who range from levels 6-9.
  • This is the third most populous state in the country.
  • This state can be compared looseley to Alaska.
  • This is the only state that directly borders a Sprocket Baddie HQ without losing a city.
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