Brotherhood Project: StH is a fangame created by me, Soul Kingdom Creator (I'm a girl). Since I am a huge fan of Sonic games and even created my own game series on this website (Soul Kingdom), I decided to make up this game for fun.



????: Sir, the last DNA function have been transplanted.

???: Excellent.

????: Sir, the project is in 99.8% of completion. All he needs is a little more time to develope his new powers within him and then-

??: Grandpa, Grandpa! They're coming! Get the Brotherhood Project out of here!

Mysterious Voices

For saving people left and right, Sonic decided to take just one day off, since Eggman finally stopped causing mischif for the time. He has two chili dogs that he bought from a chili dog stand. All of a sudden, a building being torn down by a construction crew tumbled over to where Sonic was walking. Sonic dodges the falling bricks, but then steps in some dropped caramel that was sticky and got stuck and looses grip of his chili dogs. It was then too late to escape for the building collapses. Luckily, Sonic's position was under a window and he wasn't sincerely damged. However, inside the building, the wall falls apart and crashes on Sonic, knocking him unconscious under the rubble. The buckles on his shoes for some reason start flashing on and on.

Sonic starts hearing voices in his head even though he was still unconscious. It was weird to him because the voices actually sounded familiar as if he knew the people who were speaking.

????: Sir, are you sure you want to do that? We had enough difficulty giving the last creation those same powers.

???: I want him to live with someone of his kind and someone who shares the same abilities that he has. You know that he cannot be with my grandaughter forever.

????: I understand, but who knows how this one will turn out. It'll either have a descructive personality or a too sweet one.

???: This Brotherhood Project will have the perfect personality that meets his standards. He will do great things alongside him.

????: He?

???: Yes. I'm creating a younger, but nearly identical brother for him. That's why he's called the "Brotherhood Project."

????: Very well then. Transplanting DNA Function Unit 1 into the subject.

??: He's coming, Grandpa. Quick. Hide him from Sha-

Someone dumps something cold on Sonic's face and the blue hedgehog woke up with a yelp. Shadow was standing over him with a bucket. Frusterated, Sonic starts yelling at Shadow for startling him and getting him wet. But then Shadow answers back that he should've never followed his distress signal. But the blue hedgehog said he doesn't even know what the black hedgehog was talking about. Then Shadow said to just forget about it and hands Sonic a chili dog. The two other ones were crushed under the building. So while Sonic was passed out, Shadow got him a new one. Sonic thanks his rival for getting him a new chili dog. Both then dash off from each other.

Porpose As a Little Brother

????: "60% of the Project's DNA functions have been transplanted, sir."

???: "Good. I can already see that he gained near full consciousness."

????: "Should I knock him out, sir?"

???: "No. Give him some time to look around. I haven't even told him his name, yet."

????: "What is his name?"

???: "He is Solon the Hedgehog, the perfect brother for Shadow.(turns head to look at the Project [Solon]) Hello, Solon. I am Doctor Gerald Robotnik, your creator. You are Shadow the Hedgehog's perfect little brother. I wouldn't bare to see Shadow be sad over Maria's death, so I created you so you can be with him. The two of you look so much alike. There's no way he won't deny you being his brother."

Maria: (runs in) "Grandpa, I heard you talking to him. You named him Solon, right?"

Doctor Robotnik: "Yes, Maria. when you die, he will be there for Shadow."

Maria: "Good, 'cuz I wouldn't bare Shadow being alone and being the only hedgehog on the ARK."

finishing later...

Memory Recovery

The Mistake to Forget

To Be Continued...

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