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Prologue: Escort

Castle Town, Soleanna - November 3rd 2013, 7:40 AM

It was mid-morning in the great city of water, Soleanna. Things seemed normal in the city. Water swashed gently against its shores and a few clouds dotted its gradually brightening blue sky. However, things were not normal. The previous day, a small fight between an electrokinetic and a group of vigilantes. The electrokinetic had discovered an ancient artifact called a "Warrior Stone" which, if used, would grant the user either new powers or death. Astrid Alessia, an assassin, found out that he was trying to obtain this powerful gem and so decided to claim a few favours from some friends. She built a team consisting of a hunter, a swordsman and an untrained omni-kinetic. Together, they tracked down the electrokinetic and successfully stopped him from destroying the Great Forest. Merely activating the Warrior Stone would've destroyed the forest in an instant. Astrid and her team stopped this, which caught the interest of a G.U.N agent. He talked to each of the team members, asking for their assistance. Everyone declined... Except for Astrid. While she doesn't trust the agent, she was willing to assist. Now, she about to go on her most dangerous quest so far...

The two back passenger doors of jet black SUV with tinted windows opened and two people got in. A fox, dressed in wine red, leather-like armour that covered her whole body and a wolf, dressed in a smart, yet shady looking suit were sat in the back, separated only by an empty seat.

"Take us to the base," the wolf ordered to the driver. The driver replied with but a simple nod before moving off.

The wolf turned towards the fox. "Allow me to give a formal introduction," he said, "Sergeant Jacob Lawson, Agent of the Guardian Units of Nations, Science and Intelligence Division."

The fox sat up, "Astrid Alessia."

"Right, I guess I should brief you now," Jacob said, "Fifteen years ago, we lost contact with an agent going to take down a criminal called The Broker. He's been illegally offering information, mercenary work and a wide variety of other services for years now. I've now been tasked with taking down The Broker."

Astrid looked at Jacob, "If it is you that has been tasked to do this, then why am I here?"

"Good question. G.U.N want an agent to see you in action. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity."

"Why do they wish to see me "in action"?"

"They think you'd be a potential candidate for an agent," Lawson said, picking up a tablet.


Lawson swiped on his tablet. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I said no. I refuse."

The wolf sighed. "Welp, you've just ruined my day."

"I do not care," she said.

"Anyway, I still need your help. This guy is gonna cause major problems if we don't sort him out."

"How?" the fox asked.

"He quite possibly may have the option to start a war at the touch of a button."

Astrid sat there for a moment silently. She thought about what might happen if she didn't help the agent. She then turned to him and said, "Well, we should hurry to his location then."

Lawson smirked, "That's what I like to hear." The wolf then turned and leaned towards the driver. "How long until we arrive?"

"We'll be at Osiris Base in roughly fifteen minutes, sir," the driver answered.

"Good to hear."

Eventually, the SUV proceeded to go down one of Soleanna's highway tunnels. As they drove down, a thick metal blast door came into view on the rock wall that the tunnel ran against. The driver pressed some buttons located near the SUV's handbrake, which led to the door opening and the SUV swiftly entering.

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