This is a fanfiction created by BlazingLeopard on 28/11/2015.

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Fifteen years ago, G.U.N lost contact with one of their agents after he was sent on a mission to take out a person going by the name of "The Broker", who was illegally taking information and selling it, as well as providing other, more violent services. The agent was presumed dead. Now, it is up to Jacob Lawson to take out the criminal with the help of an assassin and his new recruit.

Included Characters



  • The Broker


  • Driver
  • Osiris Base Guard
  • Lieutenant Jameson Kim
  • The Broker's soldiers
  • Experimental Mech



  • The plot is similar to that of Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker, but not an exact copy.
  • There are only three main characters in this fanfiction. This is a reference to the "three-man teams" in Mass Effect.
    • Because of this, Jacob Lawson could represent Commander Shepard (because he's the team leader), Astrid Alessia could represent a female version of Thane Krios (both of them are assassins) and Katherine Treske could represent Tali Zorah vas Normandy (because both are good at hacking).
  • Empress Desert is a renamed version of Dusty Desert from Sonic '06.
  • The holographic lock situation in Chapter 4 is based off of the end of Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind - Part IV.
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