Briyanna the HedgeFox is a fan character adopted by Darkest Shadow. She is a professional roller skater on the Beach Cove Beavers Skating Team. She is also a dancer at the MYSDC, the Mariala Youth Stars Dance Company.


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The best way to describe Briyanna is brave and fearless. The hedgefox is has courage to spare. She isn't afraid of any kind of danger and always takes risks. Some people fear her for this reason. She is always willing to step up to the challenge.

Along with that, Briyanna is a little too confident. She always believes that she will do her absolute best, and nobody will try to outshine her. For this reason, she also hates losing.

Briyanna is very happy and upbeat. She almost always has a smile on her face, and tries to stay positive. When she is happy, she tends to make others smile too. She shows off her happiness when she is dancing, or cheering someone on. Many people find her to be way too happy, but she doesn't care.

Briyanna is also pretty kindhearted. She doesn't let down her friends, and makes them feel better. She always complements people honestly, which could sometimes make them feel a whole lot more confident.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 3'4 tall, Briyanna is an orange hedgefox with peach skin underneath. Her muzzle is smooth and peach. Her hair is shaggy and is blue-violet. It goes down to about her waist. Her ears are rather short and her tail is rather long. She has disconnected eyes with purple pupils. Fur covers up her arms and her tummy.

Briyanna currently wears a red and mint green short top, that shows her belly, which has a pink bow on the back of it with two black strings. She also wears a mint green and red striped skirt. She wears black socks, and over them, pink shoes with a mint green back, with pale blue ankle guards tightened with black laces. She can also turn them into roller skates with the press of a button. For gloves, she wears mint green gloves with pink cuffs, and mint green arm warmers.


Skating- Briyanna's best and favorite skill is her talent in skating. Ever since she was little, Briyanna has been aiming to be the best skater alive. Right now, she is one of the best skaters in the world, and can skate at shockingly high speeds and beautiful gracefulness. Her favorite type of skating is speed skating, as she can travel at fast distances

  • Roller Skating- One type of skating she does is skating on wheels, or roller skating. She is very good at roller skating and can skate on any surface, such as hardwood or bumpy cement. She usually likes to use her skates to travel everywhere she goes, and is the most common type of skating she will do.
  • Ice Skating- Along with skating on real floor, she can also skate using metal thin lines on ice, or ice skating. No matter how slippery the ice is, she makes ice skating look much easier than it is. She usually practices figure skating, because it relates to dancing and might make her better, but she is also very fast as well.

Dancing- Also, Briyanna has proven to be an amazing dancer. Being on the MYSDC, she is very talented and has been dancing at a very young age. She gets many solos and awards for her dancing. Her favorite style of dancing is jazz, and it is also her favorite. When she dances, she is fierce and sassy.


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