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Brittney the cat, is an 18 year old princess, who lives and rules(kinda) over Bootiful Island. She is a Judgemental princess who always judges people based on how they look without getting to really know them. On the island, the rule she put up was "If you don't look as fabulous or as cute as me...your going to the pound". As a result only "beautiful" people only live on that island.


Brittnry is A Gray Cat with Aqua eyes. She is very Beautiful, she looks better than everyone in the bootiful Kingdom (As she thinks) She wears alot of Tank tops in many different colors more alot in white with black shorts also coming in different colors. She loves all her Rainboots coming all in different colors as well,from time to time she throws on a little bit of makeup.


She Comes off a little bit Snooty (Alot of times) but she can be nice at times but she know she to beautiful for everyone, That is why she cant have any female friends because she always think she too good to hang out with them but she do wants friends sometimes. She likes and respects cats she's kind of like a Cat lady.


She was always a girly girl when she was younger because her dad taught her how to be lady like, while her Mom was Creepy because she likes covering her skin except her face at times she'll wear all black and be silent and breathe too hard and loudly. At night she likes standing in the corner in the dark thinking about cats. But so on, when she was 6 years of age her parents died in a lawn mower accident, her mom and dad got hit by a car and flew then was hit by 9 law mowers. In the ER her dads last words were "Help the Cats" while her mothers last words were "Don't let them show my skin" then both died a few minutes later. But Brittney didnt Care because she didnt like them anyway. Servants were upset at Brittney because they felt like she should care but Brittney just wanted to be queen and felt like they were gonna die anyway.


Summoning Cats- (Uses it for her pleasures obviously duh)

Beautiful powers- (Can make ugly people turn beautiful with a touch)

Immortal- ( Guess Who's Gonna Live for eternity? :) )


Throwing Cats (basically what she do in a battle)

Using makeup on people to make the beautiful that's it.


She is very good at cooking because she is paranoid someone is going to poison her food.

She is good at makeup nand clothing basically beauty.

She still loves taking care of cats.


Brittney has panic attacks if someone is horribly ugly and can't dress its required in the kingdom you have to look good everyday if you ugly you are thrown to the...pound.

She Freaks out if she sees a cat dead or sick she cant take it, she shuts down.

She hates Killers or Abusers she thinks you should just kill yourself if you want to kill anybody.


Shadow the Hedgehog - Brittney adores Shadow (not in that way), she likes his mysteriousness. He always leaves when he sees her but she thinks he's too shy for her beautifulness.She thinks of him as agreat friend to talk to even thought he don't even listen to her anyway & he calls her ugly & walk away all fast from her. Point blank He dont like her. But she will always see him as her Friend.

Sonic the Hedgehog - She loves Sonic (Friend again) She used to like him until she seen him dirty after a battle after that she couldnt view him the same anymore. Everytime she looks at him she sees a dirty hedgehog in the mud playing as he is dying. But she loves him anyway (FRIEND) He doesn't like the way as she talk about how ugly people are. Kind of a Turn off ... but she still a friend to him as sadly he finds it funny sometimes. But he is too Busy just to be hanging around all day.

Silver the hedgehog - When she tries to talk to him He teleports away. She counts him as a friend though.

Nalia The Hedgehog -  Brittany thinks she has good clothing, she don't have issues with nice people, so she's pretty nice to naila. However, Since nalia has no idea who she is or where she comes from or what she is or why she started talking to her, and initally she ignored her because she didn't know her. but she started to feel ok with her after getting to know her a little bit. even though sometimes she wonders how she is even able to make friends when she always judging people.

Ian The Porcupine - Since he's not ugly or stupid so she's fine with him. Ian met her while visiting the island for vacation with his family one summer, upon arriving to the island his family was amazed by how beautiful the island was and decided to take pictures. Ian, however, didn't like the island because he thought the residents on the island looked so ugly and retarded, he didnt understand why people on the island were trying soo hard to be hot when obviously their not fooling anyone with their bad taste. He even talked about how the late queen looked butt ugly with her crocked nose. But he did find brittney very cute and thought about asking for her number when he realised the island didn't have phones. But eventually he grew disinterested in her, but he did think she would become a really good friend and wished she could enroll in his school so they could talk more.

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