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Britney talking about Mimi's jail sentence

Britney the Porcupine is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is the sister of Lindsay the Porcupine, and the newest member of Team Fashion.


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Like most of the members of Team Fashion, Britney happens to have a sassy attitude. She uses so much slang in her diction, that it's nearly impossible for her to talk like a normal person. She is claimed by herself and the rest of her clique to be the "baddest girl" there is.

Although she may seem to look like a pathetic excuse of being a hero for being bad, she also happens to be truly evil. She hides it from everyone with her typical sassy demeanor, and she has a lack of an evil appearance. This involves her making people think she's a wolf dressed in a lamb costume.

She also, like most mean girls, happens to be very, very cruel to others. Though some people think she lacks in an evil, it doesn't mean they don't think she looks somewhat scary. Lots of people are scared of her.

Physical Appearance

Lindsay is a teal-green colored porcupine who currently stands at 3 feet and 6 inches tall. She also has blonde hair that goes to about her back. Both the tips of her ears are yellow. Her tail is long and bushy and has a yellow tip on the back of it. Fur covers her arms and tummy. Her skin is peach, and her eyes are a golden yellow.

For clothing, she wears a brilliant blue short sleeved shirt with her a long side bang going over it. For pants, she wears an olive colored cargo pants that is somewhat lose and has a ring on the side of the left pant leg and a white belt with a yellow buckle on it. For footwear, she wears grey shoes with a white line down the middle of each with black laces. For gloves, she wears grey gloves with black rings around them. For an addition accessory, she wears brilliant blue eye shadow.


Like all members of Team Fashion, Britney happens to design clothes. Her clothing choices are somewhat stylish (contradicting the other three's hideous choice of clothing), but they aren't too great. Her choice is somewhat more menacing and shows that she is fierce and you don't want to mess with her. She is more skilled at this than all the other members of Team Fashion, except for Mimi.

Being a naughty girl, Britney happens to be great at blowing spitballs. This is less used in combat and more use for a fight starter. She blows spitballs at 50mph, and with great power too. They actually sting the person she shoots them at, especially if they are a close distance. Her spitballs go as far as 80 feet.

Abilities and Powers

Poison Manipulation

Through years of practice, Britney has mastered the art of manipulating poison, or toxikinesis. She can easily send toxic, sludge, poison, or venomous attacks to a target. This is usually used when she fights against her enemies. As of now, this is another reason for people to fear her. She can even make sludge blobs appear right in her hand, either for battle purposes, or sometimes just for show.

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