The Briser Bow is a weapon of note in the areas around the Kingdom of Volhur due to its role as one of the signature weapons to the stealthy archers and pseudo-bounty hunters in the kingdom, the Black Hunters.

Briser Bow

Production Information
TypeBow - Recurve bow
Elemental AffinityNone, can be imbued
Known Wielders
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


The basic Briser Bow is made of a mixture of horn and ash wood in three pieces, shaped into the traditional recurve shape. This keeps the bows compact enough to transport stealthily while retaining the force potential to shoot targets at ranges much further than those of a standard small-size hunting bow. While its range is not completely comparable to a longbow, it still has good punch and reach in comparison to such a weapon.

Arrows for a Briser Bow are designed in a very specific manner, with many bows having oddly shaped arrowheads and small canisters right behind the head.

Native Abilities

With rather respectable range for a weapon of its kind, the Briser Bow would be passed off as just another weapon if it was not for the rather unique ammunition normally employed with it. While capable of releasing pretty much any kind of arrow the archer wishes to fire from it, most Briser arrows are designed to impart massive force on impact and shatter themselves. To achieve this, the chamber behind the arrowhead functions in a manner similar to a primitive flintlock pistol - on impact; a spark is created on impact between a metal strike and the base of the arrowhead, which in turn sets off a black powder charge. These mini-detonations increase the impact force drastically, while the shrapnel they throw off, combined with the noise, light and smoke they release, makes these weapons effective at intimidation.

Notable Bows


Wielders/Purchase Locations

Optimized for stealth, even with the highly distracting special arrows that the Briser comes with, the Briser is one of the favored weapons of the Kingdom of Volhur's Black Hunter units. These men and women are trained for stealth and accuracy with their bows in order to bring down criminals or targets hostile to their home; and the Briser is a weapon that they find excels for them. Many Black Hunters wield these bows with a mixture of explosive and conventional arrows, in order to rapidly switch from distraction & heavy hits to more precise shots.

While uncommon even in territories where the Black Hunters roam, Briser Bows are not unheard of around Mobius itself. Some examples have been seen in Mercia, while others have even been observed in the hands of G.U.N. agents. Some blacksmiths and fletchers will stock the arrows for these bows, which have allowed the weapons to make infrequent appearances even with mercenary bands.


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