Bright New Day is a series of short fanfics taking place around certain RPs. created by Leeprower1012, it follows Lee Prower as he hunts down Azul through the multiverse

It also features characters by other users in some chapters.

Included Characters

New Day, Old Threat

In the abandoned warehouse that was his lab, Lee slipped his arms into the black and blue backpack adorned with three diamonds, checking his watch to make sure nothing with the system had gone wrong. "Well, everything checks out. Let's go for a test ride. DT-1.. activate." The backpack seemed to disintegrate into dust, wrapping around him and taking form again, the diamonds were now on the front of the suit. Onyx spoke up. "I feel.. something, I'm not sure what."

Lee ignored Onyx's worry.

The suit transitioned into Flight mode and two hatches opened near the armor's silver shoulderpads, pouring out a blue energy. The roof slid away, leaving Lee free to fly through the "door" taking off into the sky.

He flew through the air, amazed he'd never tried it before and in awe of the freedom he felt. Nothing was holding him back for once, not the ground, or gravity, or even his own self-doubt; Lee Prower was free.

Onyx's voice rang through his head. "Stop fooling around, you're trying to get something done."

"Oh, right." Lee answered, then headed past the clouds and into orbit.

He hovered in a position where he could see all of Mobius, his jets holding him in place. "Scan for......Flyby Prower." He said to the suit.

"One subject found." It replied.

"Okay, something that can't be found... Scan for chaos entities." He inquired.

"One subject found."

Lee's blood froze. "What? Rerun scan!"

"One subject found."

"So that's what I felt. Azul is alive." Onyx said.

"How do you know it's Azul?" Lee asked.

"He was the only one off world when you defeated me."

The jets flared, forcing him towards the area the suit had targeted. "Let's find out."

He landed in the mouth of a cave, dark shapes and spiky rock-lined tunnels stretching far beyond his range of sight. He activated a set of lights that lined the visor on his helmet, allowing some visibility in the pitch-like air. Lee walked further into the cave, unaware the one he'd come looking for was watching his every move...

Azul had dug his claw-like hands into the roof of the cave, climbing upside down and following Dryden, his name for the hybrid.

"Lee, Azul!" Onyx screamed as the blue figure dropped free of his hiding spot.He swung his left leg forward, knocking Lee off his feet, only to follow it up with a punch to the ribs; leaving his victim bent over on the floor.

Lee's head was reeling, he swam through an endless sea of random thoughts. Images of Link, Cassie and Amber passed through his mind, how much they would lose if the threat of Azul , everything he knew was at risk right now, he spoke words that came to mind. "I am not strong...but for those I love... I will be."

The jets flared, forcing him forward.

He crashed into Azul, then prepared for the suit's full purpose: Dimensional travel. Lee and Azul vanished in a surge of blue energy.

Third Time's the Charm

Happens before DoD for Savage.

A plan based off an multi-dimensional accident had caved in on it's perpetrator, the family that stood against him once before had beaten him again. But this time, it was his plan they'd foiled, making it all the more embarrassing.

Savage the Tiger stood up, knocking various wreckage off of himself, having his plan fail massively. "First with Zero, now this..." He growled to himself. The Primal Lightning sniffed the air. "You can come out now, I know you're there!" He shouted to the air.

A figure fell out of a multi-colored rift, falling on his prosphetic legs. He has black hair that failed to reach the sides of his face, and he was a white bunny. He donned a red T-shirt that said "You're a Star!" with a star design on it, and he also wore average-looking jeans. "Hello, Savage. How are you today." White's ears twitched. "I was going to wear a cloak, but it'd make me look like a dork."

Savage scowled, this... Rabbit wasn't at all what he expected. "Fine. I just lo-- How do you know my name?" He asked in shock.

White shrugged casually, as if he'd already gone through the same thing for a week. "Y'know, the usual. I'm messaging you for my associate Luna, and I'd just like to ask - are you affiliated with a hedgefox named Flyby?" This was all a part of the plan. Luna wanted White to build up Savage's rage and allow him to make an easy decision.

"Somewhat. We've tangled before." He stood up to face him, his left eye was adorned with a bloodied slice. "You know where he is?" He grinned. "Another chance at Flyby, forget Link and the other Powers, my old dueling partner would be... Refreshing."

"Oh, phew. That should make this all according to plan." White started to pace back and forth. "Well, my friend Luna admires your power, and she sent me to recruit you. I'm not going to waste any time, so quickly, answer me - are you in or not? I promise you'll get another whack at Flyby."

"Yes." The tiger said simply. "When you need me, I'll be there."

For the rest of the story, see here!

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