Bridgette the Magmar is a G.U.N. High Colonel and the leader of the 63rd Battle Group, which she leads from the front lines.

Bridgette the Magmar

Biographical Information
  • High Colonel Bridgette Magmar - full rank
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Magmar (Mobianised)
  • Skin: Red, w/ a yellow flame pattern & beak
  • Eyes: Black
  • Black bands around the neck & ankles
  • Purple bodysuit
  • Belt
  • Bandoleer
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Flame Body
  • Pokémon-type omnikinesis
  • Advanced combat w/ falx, hand-to-hand
  • Trained marksman - pistols
  • Skilled tactician
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Like with all Magmar, Bridgette stands 1.3m tall. She has red skin, with a yellow flame pattern separating her red upper body from her yellow lower body, while she also has yellow shoulders and a yellow "beak". While she isn't overly womanly, she is rather muscular from a career in the infantry forces, especially G.U.N's 107th Attack Corp.


When on duty, Bridgette dresses the same as everyone else in the standard G.U.N. military uniform. However, while off-duty, Bridgette normally wears a purple bodysuit, complete with a brown belt and two brown bandoleers, as well as the same black bands around her neck and ankles as all Magmar.


Early life

A Central City girl and a Magby, Bridgette was a real tomboy as a child, known for 'playing soldier' alongside multiple other children. However, because she was a Mobianised Pokémon with the ability to burn things on physical contact, she was also very heavily bullied by other children. This created her firm desire to prove herself compared to her bullies. As such, she began to pester her father, a salamander, to teach her how to fight with a sword like his - a curved blade known as a falx. Despite his reservations, she persisted, until he finally relented, beginning her training at the age of twelve.

As a Mobianised Pokémon, the more she trained, the stronger Bridgette got. Her father would watch in wonder as his daughter would rapidly start to show him new techniques she'd 'figured out', his training causing her to increase in strength levels exponentially. By the time she was sixteen, Bridgette had evolved to a Magmar. The sudden power increase startled the bullies who had dogged her, but it never seemed to go to her head. Instead, she simply waited out the final two years, and entered G.U.N military training as a soldier.


Her training was unusual, to say the least. Her genetic ability meant that everything was just as awkward for her as before, with physical contact posing a risk to anyone who touched her. She was ridiculed by the other female recruits, while a few of the males made jokes about her bands, referring to her as a slave-girl. At one stage, she'd reached breaking point, and tried to walk out and try her hand as a mercenary, but her instructors stopped the Magmar, instead giving her a slightly different training course, designed to make the most of her genetic ability. As such, when she finished training, Bridgette had many eyes on her as she entered the Seventh Army Division.


The early portions of Bridgette's career was spent in combat with the Black Arms - her position as a member of the Seventh Legion assured her a combat placing. With her falx and a powerful combat pistol, she was a rising star in her corp, winning awards for valor in the campaigns she fought. Five years later, she'd reached the rank of captain, and was climbing further, towards Major. She was involved in campaigns against The Trolls, and against the Eggman Empire and it's subsidiaries. And, in the process, she climbed the ranks. Eventually, she reached the rank of colonel, in command of a task force under a High Colonel, one of three such officers under that same colonel. Suddenly, the High Colonel was killed, a bounty hunter slaying him in the field.

Suddenly, Bridgette found herself in a race for that rank. She was a thirty-one year old Pokémon, known for her use of genetic ability in close-combat defense. Her opponents were a lot older, with more experience. She was certain that General Shishido would choose one of them. What she hadn't counted on was her commanding officer's interest in her skills. She was chosen over the other two, both because of her genetic ability, but also because of her tactical mind - while the other two were reliant on standard strategy, Bridgette was capable of improvising mid-fight. This won her the rank, but also the ire of the two more experienced colonels. Since then, Bridgette has stuck true to her reputation as a combat-happy powerful fighter and skilled tactician.


Bridgette possesses the genetic ability Flame Body, which makes physical contact with her risky - one in every ten times someone touches her, they get severely burned by her body flaming up. However, she has also learned how to use this to her advantage, converting her body to flame in order to mimic someone else's appearance perfectly.

As a Mobianised Pokémon, Bridgette essentially has omnikinesis, with moves of multiple different elemental types appearing in her movepool. However, she has shown the ability to use moves that no other Magmar has shown. On top of that, Bridgette is a trained swords & hand-to-hand fighter and carries her sword, a falx, with her almost constantly, making her dangerous in close-range, plus a trained marksman with pistols, such as the Hammerforge K-47 Combat Pistol she carries in the field, giving her a non-power related method to attack over long-distances.

Bridgette is a skilled tactician, capable of improvising strategies on the spot to help get out of a situation.

Unfortunately, Bridgette has the down-side of being weak against the elements of both Water and Earth, leaving her at a major disadvantage in specific weather-circumstances and when dealing with certain fighters.

Fire Abilities

Poison Abilities

Earth Abilities

Metal Abilities

Electric Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities


Bridgette has a kind, forgiving personality, but her temper carries over the traditional Fire-wielder's trait of fiery unpredictability. She's also highly perceptive, picking up on what's going on at a faster rate than most.

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