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Name: Breeze

Gender: Female

Species: Eagle

Height: ≈3 ft, 9 in

Weight: 43.2lbs

Age: 15

Alignment: Neutral, then Good

Personality: Breeze is usually the enthusiastic and optimistic member of her team.

Likes: Her friends/team, positive thoughts

Dislikes: Enemies Dr. Eggman, negative thoughts

Positive Traits: Courageous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic

Negative Traits: Overconfident, Impulsive, Spunky

Friends/Relationships: Clay the Dog and Sparks the Bat (his best friends/team), Sonic and his friends

Abilities: Flight, Telekinesis


Breeze and Sparks were one of the top students in a training camp for preparing for attacks against enemies of Sonic's alliance, which included the evil Dr. Eggman. Eventually, Breeze and Sparks scored a near perfect score in a training exam, which allowed them to form a duo and work for defense against enemy forces, even after meeting Clay.

Physical Descriptions

Breeze has white feathers and hair tied back. She has blue eyes, a yellow beak, and wears a blue dress, gloves, and shoes.


  • Breeze's appearance and dress is slightly inspired by Eris from LEGO Legends of Chima.