Breanna the Cat is the fursona of User:Cloverfang and will later be featured as the daughter of Golden and Clover.

Breanna the Cat

Breanna the Cat.png

Age 12
IQ 99
Gender Female
Species Bengal Tiger-Maine Coon/Siamese Cat Crossbreed
  • Blond Hair
  • Lilac (In other words, purple) Fur
  • Green Eyes
  • Blue Eyeshadow
  • Pink tank-top crop-top that says "Diva"
  • Black miniskirt
  • White Sandals
  • Black Cap
  • Black Gloves
  • Father- Golden the Tiger
  • Mother- Clover the Cat
  • Aunt- Terra the Cat
  • Half-Uncle- Tory the Tiger
  • Grandmother (Mother's Side)- Sasha the Cat
  • Grandmother (Father's Side)- Tina the Tiger
  • Grandfather (Mother's Side)- Unknown Maine Coon Tom
  • Grandfather (Father's Side)- Clyde the Tiger
Affiliation Anti-Hero
  • Bre/Bree (it doesn't matter how it's spelled)
  • Breann
  • Sparkles
Quotes "In the future, you're the current Paris Hilton; you're a crackhead idiot who spends the majority of her time in jail or prison!"
Weaponry None
  • Scratching
  • Talking for a very long time without running out of things to say
  • Biting
  • Able to spell
  • Can Dance Jazz/Hip-Hop/Ballet
  • Spin Dash
  • Spin Kick
  • Judo Sweeps
  • Can play guitar
  • Kick
  • Slide
  • Soccer Skills
  • Basketball Skills
Super Forms None
Ability Type Speed
Theme Songs
  • The Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne
  • Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

About Breanna

Breanna is from the future. In her time, she lives with her mom, Clover, and her dad, Golden. She has formed a band with her friends, the FireHawks. She plays an electric Gibson SG and sings background. She also plays soccer and basketball. She has taken hip-hop, jazz, and ballet dance classes, and she considered taking tap, but decided it would be too boring. She was later kicked out of ballet because she was too tall. She wants to be a model when she's older, but does not take modeling classes like Terra. She attends the private school in her time. She is liked for her, not for popularity like her aunt, meaning she's much kinder. She reads Warrior Cats and The Clique, and has a subscription to Lucky magazine, in which her church teacher subscribed her, but Clover freaks out about the ads (if you have seen those ads, you know why she would). She also had a subscription to Seventeen magazine and Discovery Girls magazine at a time, but she had to cancel her subscription to Seventeen because it talked sexually and Clover did not like that, and she just didn't re-subscribe to Discovery Girls because she felt she outgrew it, which for the most part, she has.

Future Appearances

Breanna, Dawn (future daughter of Blaze + Silver), April (future daughter of Knuckles + Rouge), Junita (future daughter of Tails + Cream), and Maura (future daughter of Sonic + Amy) may get their own mini-series later on.


Breanna is not a pushover like her mother, and is your average pre-teen; she's used to getting her way, but is not spoiled. She uses terms such as "Ehmagawsh", "nawt," "hawt," and "kewl" because she's just like that. She does crack jokes, but when she does, she doesn't mean to, they just slip out. She thinks time-travel is awesome but creepy at the same time. She believes that if anyone injures her friends or family, she has the right to hurt them back, but she's not the kind to fight, honestly. She's mostly a girly-girl, but she's not the kind that's all, "OMG, I broke a nail!". (that's what Kate the Fox is) She loves fashion, and she misspells some things on purpose for "Uniqueness Points" (I.E. Fashiion, Dirrty/Dirdy, Kewl, Hart, etc...) She might be considered a "valley girl".


The Sonic Show

Episode #10

Breanna makes her debut, along with Maura Rose, Junita the Foxabbit, April the Batinda, and Dawn the HedgeCat. They all tell "The story of Fanny Mae", and Breanna explains that Dru and Hawkshadow get together and have a girl called Cheyenna, but they both die, no matter what. She also tells Terra that in the future she's the next Paris Hilton; always in jail.

Episode #11

Breanna and her friends are present when they're all watching Knuckles and Hawkshadow make out. Breanna seems to like Ashes the Wolf from her time.

Similarity between The Clique, and Breanna and her friends

Breanna and her friends are like The Clique at times, in fact, if there were a list on it, it probably would look like this
Alpha: Breanna, for the way she seems to lead her friends in The Sonic Show
Beta: April and Maura would probably argue over this spot, but Breanna would say that it's Dawn
Nerdy but Popular Girl: Junita for sure (once you've seen her image, trust me, you'll probably agree)



Dawn (Number One BFF)
April (Number Two BFF)
Junita (Not really her BFF; more like her BF - Best Friend)
Maura (Not really her BF - best friend - ; more like her F, because she's so fetish)
Clover the Cat
"Aunt Terra"
Golden the Tiger
Dru the Panther
Her friend's future parents
Shadow, or, as she calls him in the future, "Shad-Shad"
Crystal the Wolf
Hawkshadow the Cat
Sonic the Hedgehog
Amy Rose
Sofie the Hedgehog (Sonic's long-lost twin)
Maria the chihuahua(her fetish lover)
Joy the cat(droves drugs to her)(illegal)
Claudia the bulldog fashionista(droves her illegal clothes)
Bryana the scarlet spider(her adoptive sister)


Rouge (because she "gives love a bad name")
Blaze (becaus she "stole her fur color!")
Cream (because she's "a evil demon!")
Clyde the Tiger
Metal Sonic
Fanny Mae (This woman she talks about from the future; she says she's the daughter of Eggman and some sort of animal; possibly a wolf) (A/N: Don't get sickened out by that! It's like, Eggman took some of his DNA and a wolf-female's DNA and made a anamotronic creature!)


Silver the Hedgehog
Chase the Cheetah (this guy she talks about from the future)
Lobo the Wolf (she says he's one of Chase's cronies)
Night the Raven (also one of Chase's cronies)

Possible Love Interests

Jet the Hawk (when she meets him from the past/present)
Ashes the Wolf (from her time)


Did you know...?

Breanna is the fursona of User:Cloverfang?
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