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The banner of the Braxxian Empire

"Upgrade the body, upgrade the soul"~Standard Braxxian Motto.

The Braxxians are a formerly human race that hail from the planet Braxxus. They were once members of the Igarrian Empire who grew animosity and angst towards the the former Igarrian tyrant ruler King Laigus. As a act of defiance against the Braxxian clans separated from the Igarrian Empire and migrated to the planet Braxxus. There they decided to overthrow their former oppressive leader via upgrading their bodies to become cybernetic super soldiers and declaring war on Laigus and his forces. Fortunately when they arrived on the planet Ruria they found that Laigus had been dethroned and they left back to their new homeworld to build a better, more cybernetic lifestyle for themselves. Sadly this soon gave way to notions of superiority, and hatred to other "fleshful" lifeforms. This would fuel the fires for Braxxian aggression across the galaxy.  They are the mortal enemies of their former brethren, the Igarrians.

A Braxxian "Demonstrator" class frigate.


The mysterious Overseer is believed to be the highest ranking member within the Braxxian Empire. As its title depicts it oversees most of the operations on Braxxus, as well as oversees the Braxxian Empires generals who lead the army. Braxxian generals still maintain their tactical prowess even after "upgrading".

Notable members of the Braxxian Empire include:

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Braxxians are indubitably atheist and their beliefs are very technocratic. However despite their cybernetic conformity. the Braxxians do believe in individualism and free thought. Provided the thinker is loyal to them without question of course. Braxxians download all their thoughts into what is known as the "Motherframe".This Braxxian super computer mainframe stores their thoughts for review. Any productive ideas or thoughts are looked upon favorably, while any traitorous thoughts can lead to permanent dismantelisation.

Base of Operations

The Braxxian Empire is known to be quite aggressive, as such Braxxus has expanded their planetary borders past their homeworld and into neighboring planets such as: Slova, Sligyar, Seris, Tundras, even outposts on Duna. However due to decisive military actions on Duna, Ruria, and Tundras, many Braxxian Empire claimed planets are actually contested and share a fair bit of resistance. Also during the Dark Void Incursion planets such as Seris and Slova have become partially Voided Worlds.

Heirarchy and Classes

(Members of the the Administration)

Founders=The overall leaders of the Braxxian Empire, a mysterious society of almost unknown elected officials.

Administrators= The primary political party members in the Administration. They hail from all corners of the galaxy and often represent their home-world in the Administration Council.

Coordinators= Generals, top scientists, and technicians in charge of running the operations of the Braxxiam Empire

Civil Authorities= The legislative and law enforcing branch within the Braxxian Empire.

(Classification of their soldiers)

Reavers= Quick combat scouts, lightly armored, posses rapid firing weaponry.(Meet the Braxxian Scout)

Warriors= Primary soldier cyborgs, equipped with a variety of weaponry and are known to be personally customized each individual soldiers personal weaponry in certain instances.

Heavy Arms/Heavy Deuces= The Braxxian Empire's primary heavy weapons cyborgs. They are known to be able to carry super heavy weaponry with ease. Usually use missile launchers or rail guns.(Heavy Duces are capable of firing two rail-guns at once even!)

Myrmidons= Their elite close range combat experts. They love to close in and engage in melee, (think of Myrmidons as an army of Grey Foxes armed with a smaller version of the sword Gypsy Danger used in the Pacific Rim movie.)

Gargantuans=Massive cyborgs which serve as heavy support and siege troops. Known to take on larger targets that their heavy armed forces cannot.

Corsairs=Members of their space navy, space marine Braxxians.

Ship coordinators= Captains and lower ranked leaders on a ship.

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While many Braxxian colonies exist on several worlds with variable climates and conditions, the homeworld of Braxxus is the their main habitat. Braxxus is a heavily industrialized world which has succumbed to high amounts of urbanization. As such acid rain storms are quite frequent. However due to the Braxxian "Mothershield" technology which domes and protects their cities, the citizens of Braxxus's cities are mostly protected from the elements. Inside the cities cybernetic life is abundant and their citizens enjoy the benefits of commerce and technology.


Braxxians "upgrade" themselves with cybernetic parts willingly, such as voluntary legionization under Eggman. Yet the Braxxians do so to benefit themselves. Many Braxxians view un upgraded individuals as primitive or foolish.


  • The Braxxians are loosely based off of the Harkonnen from the Dune novel series.
  • The Braxxians tend to look down upon cultures believing in magic or having religious beliefs (much like the Igarrians now.)