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The logo of the Braxxian Empire

This page is not completed and is still being written!"Standy by for identification scanning."~Braxxian scanning another Braxxian at a checkpoint.

The Braxxians are a formerly humanoid race that hail from the planet Braxxus. They were once members of the Igarrian Federation who grew animosity and angst towards their higher class and vulpine god worshoping brethren on Ruria. As a act of defiance against the Braxxian clans headed away from the traditonal pro nature and life teachings of the Igarrian fox goddess, and instead they moved towards the idea of their own creations would bring them salvation and they must "ugrade" themselves in order to achieve happiness.


The mysterious Overseer is believed to be the highest ranking member within the Braxxian Empire. As its title depicts it oversees most of the operations on Braxxus, as well as oversees the Braxian Empires generals who lead the army. Braxxian generals still maintain their tactical prowess even after "upgrading".


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Braxxians are indubitably athiest and their beliefs are very technocratic. However distpite their cybernetic conformity. the Braxxians do belive in individualism and free thought. Provdided they thinker is loyal to them without question of course. Braxxians download all their thoughts into what is known as the "Motherframe".This Braxxian super computer mainfame stores their thoughts for review. Any productive ideas or thoughts are looked upon favorbly, while any traitorous thoughts can lead to permenant dismantlisation.

Base of Operations

The Braxxian Empire is known to be quite agressive, as such Braxxus has exspanded their planetary borders past their homeworld and into neighboring planets such as: Slova, Sligyar, Seris, Tundras, even outposts on Duna. However due to decisive military actions on Duna, Ruria, and Tundras, many Braxxian Empire claimed planets are actually contested and share a fair bit of resisstance. Also during the Dark Void Incursion planets such as Seris and Slova have become partially Voided Worlds.


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A standard Braxxian cyborg. Note that unlike many cybernetic races in modern day culture such a "The Borg", Braxxians are allowed the gift to retain their cognitive thinking and personality if they still prove loyal to the Overseer.


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