You may be looking for his Prime Zone counterpart or his Dark Mobius Counterpart

This is an alternate version of Braveheart the Fox that appears in the Light Mobius universe in the story Shadowed Future, its sequel Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later, and its conceptual prequel Shadowed Future: The Broken Team.


Braveheart largely retains his mainstream counterpart's appearance.

He is a tall red fox with thick russet-red fur. Being fully-grown and much older than his mainstream counterpart, he is taller, more heavyset, and has much thicker fur. He has amber eyes, dark brownish-black hands, feet and ears, and his right ear is white.


Originally carefree and joyful, Braveheart was happy to live his life as a warrior alongside his Teammates. When Shadow murdered Fox, Braveheart became very stone-faced and obstinate. He still deeply cares about his Team, and has apparently inherited his father's incredible hatred of Shadow.


Unaltered Timeline: Unknown, though it's likely he served under his father as a warrior of the Storm Fighters, happily living his life in peace under King Sonic's rule.

Altered Timeline:

Shadowed Future: Braveheart went with a patrol his father was leading in an attempt to overthrow Shadow once and for all, but fled when Fox was killed. The Alliance broke apart, and Braveheart took his father's place as leader. He continued trying to fight Shadow with what remained of the Storm Fighters(consisting of himself, E.J. the Hedgehog, Fang the Saber, Roy the Fox, Mortimer Gray, Karra, Midnight, Scrap, Petunia, Dallas and Dakota Smith, and Flynn). Braveheart sought answers from an old ally of Eggman's, Rockefeller the Hunter(a bounty hunter dog), and saves an Arctic fox cub named Flynn. He is later enraged to find that Midnight was captured by King Shadow's forces. Furious beyond belief, Braveheart leads a patrol to put an end to Shadow's rule once and for all, and are helped by other insurgents, and the surprise return of Sonic the Hedgehog. Following the battle, Braveheart finds that Fang has been fatally shot by one of the Dark Presence Echidnas; the old saber tells Braveheart what happened, and asks his leader to tell Sonic he's thankful for what he did before he dies of his wound. The Spirits in the Stars suddenly appear as the cloudy sky clears. Fox's spirit appears, and Fang's rises up from his body and joins them. Raising his chin, Fox recites a prophecy he gave to Braveheart beforehand, before appointing Sonic the new king. As Braveheart joins in the cheering, he reflects that since Shadow was no longer king, his Team could finally be at peace.

Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: Braveheart's first appearance is when he's having his wrenched wrist taken care of by the Storm Fighters' new Healer, Phoenix(who's singing On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons). Braveheart teases Phoenix about his singing, and after the psychic fox pulls out what he needs, he and Braveheart chat about Flynn's training, since Braveheart is his mentor. They begin talking about trying to use Phoenix's powers to glean Shadow's goals in the past, but Phoenix argues that he couldn't sense Shadow's thoughts and the "false king" kept his plans hidden from everyone until he needed to reveal them, making Phoenix's powers moot. They being arguing when Braveheart snarls at him, wondering if Fox and Fang died for nothing, to which Phoenix replies that they died protecting what they loved. He also states that Fox cared deeply for his family and Teammates, despite his arrogance and hatefulness. Phoenix relays Fox's warning that "Darkness is coming.", saying that he didn't know what it meant. That night, Braveheart has a nightmare of Shadow interrupting the celebration of the Five Years of Peace and shooting a Chaos Spear at him, in much the same way his father died. During the celebration, Braveheart finds it hard to concentrate, when Phoenix uses his powers to show Braveheart Lien-Da's plans, and attempt on Sonic's life(due to the fact that the Storm Fighters returned to the Base directly after the incident, Silver the Hedgehog's role in saving Sonic isn't mentioned). Braveheart is again shown Lien-Da's plans, this time to capture Scrap to "make him listen". When Braveheart questions the idea of the plan, Phoenix theorizes that she wants to rub it in their faces that if and when Shadow returns, the Storm Fighters can do little, since they were still recovering and were low on warriors. Braveheart is awakened by a howl, and rushes outside to see Michael shot dead, and a branch pinning the other two Smith brothers down. Dakota's neck and Dallas' spine had been crushed, leaving Dakota dead and Dallas permanently paralyzed. Braveheart takes Phoenix to the castle, now retaken by the Dark Presence, and sneak through. When they find where Lien-Da is with Shadow and Scrap, Braveheart angrily demands that she open the door or he'll lock her up. Scrap cries out for his father; Braveheart promises to save Scrap, but Shadow tells him that he'll do no such thing. Cursing, Braveheart kicks the door open and finds the room empty. Phoenix guides Braveheart nowhere they've headed. Braveheart kicks the door open again, and has Scrap hurry over to him. Shadow is furious at the leader's interference, turning around and releases a strange beast(Tikhaos, though Braveheart has no idea what she is). The three foxes flee the castle and head back to the Base. A year later, Braveheart is crouching on a branch in a tree outside the Base as he reflects on what happened recently.


Despite his advanced age, Braveheart possesses surprising combat skills and can easily hold his own in a battle.




So far, Braveheart is one of five characters who appeared in the main series to also have a confirmed Light Mobius and Dark Mobius counterpart. The others are Austin Smith, Karra, Midnight, and E.J. the Hedgehog.

A future concept story is Shadowed Future: The Broken Team, which acts as a prologue to the other two stories and shows Shadow's conquest from the eyes of the Storm Fighters as well as Fox's death.

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