Cquote1 Warriors! It's official now: Enerjak is our number one enemy! He destroyed the Base, scattered our warriors, and murdered my father! Until Enerjak is defeated once and for all, this means war! Cquote2
Braveheart declaring war on Enerjak to his warriors, Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest

You may be looking for his Prime Zone counterpart or his Light Mobius counterpart.

This is an alternate version of Braveheart that appears in the Dark Mobius universe in the Secrets of the Dark World Trilogy. He is the son of Fox the Brave and his successor as leader of the Storm Fighters. He is also bitter enemies with Dark Enerjak because of the murder of [Braveheart's] father and later his mother.


For the most part, Braveheart retains his mainstream appearance, but with a few key differences.

He is a tall red fox with amber eyes. Being older than his mainstream counterpart, his fur is considerably thicker(like his father's), and he is taller and stockier. Because of a battle with Dark Enerjak that left him maimed, Braveheart is missing the fur on the left side of his face, his left arm and flank, and is missing his tail and left ear and eye entirely. The bare skin seen on his body is badly burned and he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. Braveheart also has a crooked right leg that was broken and healed badly, and wears a black t-shirt and beige cargo shorts. He frequently wields a simple wooden staff as both a walking stick and a weapon. His remaining ear(his right one) is white.


"Enerjak has taken your good looks and our father, but he hasn't taken the resolve that drove you since we were cubs."
—Midnight to Braveheart, Secrets of the Dark World: Part 1

Originally carefree and happy to live his life as a warrior under his father, Braveheart had to quickly grow up following his father's death. During his personal war with Enerjak, Braveheart was incredibly hateful toward his enemy, and stern and firm with his warriors. He still cared deeply for them, really only showing his soft side to his sister or mother.


Before the Series:

Secrets of the Dark World:

  • Part 1: In the Prologue, Braveheart is blown back by an explosion that kills a warrior helping him, and Braveheart himself is terribly maimed, and at the end, he wonders what would become of his Team. Later, in the present day, Braveheart is sitting alone, and he swears that he'll make Enerjak pay. While wandering around, Braveheart notices a different Fox the Brave and Splash the Greninja, figuring this out because the Splash from his World disappeared shortly after Enerjak's takeover, and his father was crushed under some rubble. When he returns to the Base, Braveheart begins to worry about things, when Fang roars that Enerjak is attacking. The leader fox immediately orders his warriors to get ready to defend their home and that Enerjak had found them. Braveheart has his warriors to deal with the Prelates before rushing off(as fast as he could with a lame leg) to fight Enerjak, only to get struck in the ribs on his burned side. Enerjak grabs the fox by the throat and cruelly states that he's always known where the Storm Fighters were; he also says that Braveheart should be proud since the Storm Fighters actually proved interesting. Braveheart angrily retorts, "I should consider myself proud that you blew half my face off? That you killed my father!?" Enerjak coldly says that Fox was weak, adding that if Braveheart were "smart" enough, he'd end the fight while he could, and that he also has his Teammates to worry about. In the next Chapter, Enerjak snidely says that he met the other Fox and Splash, and that it was a shame they would die(not knowing he would be defeated later). He also says that Fox would have liked to meet Braveheart before throwing the fox away. After Fang and E.J. bring Braveheart into the Base, Rigor looks his leader over, and says that if he wanted to, Enerjak could've crushed Braveheart's windpipe while holding him by his throat. Fang sarcastically thanks the red panda for the mental image he's given, but Braveheart knows he wouldn't argue with a Healer. Braveheart decides to rest with Midnight, and after he wakes up, Midnight rubs against him, murmuring that Enerjak took Braveheart's good looks and their father, but he hasn't taken the resolve that has driven Braveheart since they were cubs. Braveheart decides to head out and speak with Jani-Ca, almost crashing into her when he quite literally runs into her. She rebukes his failure to pay attention, but Braveheart snarks that he can't exactly pay attention when he lost half his face to Enerjak. When Jani-Ca begins to look uncomfortable, Braveheart changes the subject, mentioning Fox and Splash. He questions this, stating that his father was killed, but Jani-Ca tells him that it was a different Fox and Splash. When he leaves, Braveheart calls over his shoulder for her to give him an update on what happens to them, which she acknowledges with a wave. Later, Braveheart is a bit confounded over a stretch of peace his Team had had. As he is investigating the place where the other Fox the Brave and Splash the Greninja appeared, Braveheart is startled to see Jani-Ca(in her new Enerjak persona) exiting a strange portal with Knuckles, having been drained of the energy that had possessed him as Enerjak. Braveheart is suspicious, and Jani-Ca eagerly tells the leader that Fox saved the World. She also tells him that she now has the power to fix the World, jokingly saying that it was a shame he couldn't fix his injuries and that he looked better with two eyes. Braveheart takes notice of Knuckles and raises his staff to attack, but Jani-Ca stops him, saying that Knuckles was no threat now. Knuckles crawls over and apologizes to Braveheart, saying that he wasn't in control of himself, and that cannot change what happened to Braveheart, saying that all he can do is ask for forgiveness. Braveheart growls coldly that as far as he's concerned, Knuckles does not deserve forgiveness. He leaves Jani-Ca in charge of Enerjak's punishment, saying that his responsibility is to his Team. He reminds Knuckles that it was his fault that the Worlds were the way they were and his fault that Fox was dead, and limps off, unable to shake the feeling that his problems aren't solved.
  • Part 2: Braveheart first appears when he's trying to scratch an itch. When he tries to wag his nonexistent tail, Stone the Shiny Mega Manectric teases him. Scoffing at him in mock irritation, Braveheart decides to take his morning walk. While walking, Braveheart notices that the streets are empty, wondering what's wrong. He muses aloud that a half-faced fox with no tail would be a bit frightening after the trauma pretty much having one's soul stolen, and Enerjak-having appeared right behind him-snidely adds "Or finding out that your enemy has returned.", startling Braveheart. The red fox demands to know how he came back, to which Enerjak states that someone Fox fought in his World(Mephiles, during the War of Time) made it so that he could come back as he pleased. Braveheart attempts to attack, but is knocked aside. Enerjak coldly tells him that he has something to attend to(the capture of the Storm Fighters and Warrior Cat) and says that Braveheart has until he returns to end his "poor" attempt at resistance or he will share his father's fate. Disturbed, Braveheart wanders the city until he rounds a corner and almost crashes into Finitevus(who he doesn't recognize), who was coming up on his blind side. Finitevus snaps that the people in this World are as foolish as Fox, shoving Braveheart aside. Braveheart retorts that he's half-blind, glaring at Finitevus, finding him faintly familiar(yet not remembering much of Enerjak's rule before the explosion). Finitevus sneers that he's not surprised, given Braveheart's looks. Braveheart continues on, spotting where Dillon the Armadillo, Cori the Charmeleon, Riptide the Frogadier, and a Warrior Cat named Bumbleflight are being held captive. Braveheart introduces himself and attempts to help them escape, only to almost literally run into Enerjak. The fox demands to know why Enerjak wants them, and when Enerjak refuses, stating that it was none of his concern, Braveheart says that it technically was, since Cori, Dillon, and Riptide were technically his warriors. After this, Enerjak complies, stating that he wanted vengeance on Fox, and decided to weaken Fox via his warriors. Braveheart tries to attack, but is knocked aside, injuring his neck. He tries again, only to be hampered by his crippled leg. Enerjak grabs him by the throat and throws him outside. He then "advises" the fox to stay away, unless he wanted to lose his life. Braveheart snarls that if he kept fighting after his father had been killed, why would he stop fighting now? He flees when he thinks Enerjak is about to attack him again. Bruised and mortified, Braveheart limps home, only to encounter Finitevus again. He remembers the Finitevus of his own World, and also recalls his grudging desire to restore him(since, like almost everyone else, the Dark Mobius Finitevus had been left as a Prelate), if only to get a little respect from him. Finitevus sneers that Braveheart shouldn't interfere, and that Enerjak has "great plans" for the World. Braveheart angrily states that Finitevus can clearly see what Enerjak's "great plans" have done to him. Suddenly getting a sickening feeling, Braveheart limps home as fast as he can, spotting Enerjak attacking the Base. Braveheart realizes that Enerjak is going for Midnight, and hurries to help her. Snort the Turtonator(a very minor character) spots Braveheart and announces his arrival. Enerjak sneers that he's going to make sure that Braveheart stays out of his way before causing another blast that kills Karra and allows him to kidnap Midnight. While looking for where his sister is being held, Braveheart hears and argument and finds the other Fox arguing with a Lucario and Jani-Ca(Master Y isn't mentioned since Braveheart cannot see him). Braveheart realizes that Fox is speaking from grief over the limp form that he recognizes to be his doppelgänger. He heads off to find Enerjak's prisoners, and urges them to leave while Enerjak's busy. He leads them out, and they head to their Teammates while the Main Series Braveheart gazes in confusion at where Austin is looking at the Dark Mobius Braveheart in thanks.
  • Part 3: In the Prologue, Braveheart is enjoying lazing about on a piece of rubble that hadn't been moved yet. He wiggles around to scratch an itch at the base of where his tail had been, when he hears someone heading toward him. Quickly grabbing his staff, Braveheart dives into hiding, spotting Finitevus heading past his hiding spot. Wanting to know what the mad "doctor" was doing back in his World, Braveheart sneaks after him, noticing him heading for where Dark Enerjak had ruled before. Braveheart comes out of hiding, and Finitevus scornfully asks him if he's there to witness Enerjak's return(mostly to deal with the Main Series Alliance so he could get to Austin without interference), but the red fox snarls that he's there to stop him from bringing back an unspeakable evil, stating that Finitevus knows what Enerjak is capable of, and reminds him that he's living proof of it. Enerjak states that he's already too late before creating a blast that knocks Braveheart off his feet, and knocks him out. Hurt and ashamed, Braveheart limps home, and reports what happened to his warriors. When they become outraged and worried, he reminds them that they are Storm Fighters, and that they are warriors. He later heads off to speak with the Freedom Fighters, and on his way back, encounters his lost mate Isla and their cubs Scrap and Petunia, being protected by a Chesnaught named Liam from Enerjak. After Enerjak leaves, Braveheart reunites with his family. Isla recognizes Braveheart, and Liam states that while Braveheart doesn't look like he used to, he still has the same drive he used to, adding that if anything, he has his father's drive, but Braveheart notes the respect in the old Spiny Armor Pokemon's gaze. Braveheart warns E.J. that Enerjak said that he had "other business" to attend to, stating that considering what he did last time, he was afraid to find out what he meant. Braveheart later decides to investigate the other Worlds, ending up with his head, shoulders, and arms stuck down a hole, pulling himself out with his legs-after much struggle, since his lame leg wasn't as strong. He hears Austin's humming(since he arrived during the events of Hunt for a Storm Fighter), and leaves, disinterested. Several days later, Braveheart is bored, since he hasn't seen anything relating to his mission, until Enerjak attacks the Storming Base, lying to Fox that Austin had been willing to help him. This leads Fox to drive Austin away, clouting him over the head. Watching the rebuilding efforts over the next two days, Braveheart thinks that Slick the Shiny Greninja could help him get home, deciding that he liked the silly Greninja. While chilling in the forest, using a tree trunk to scratch an itch behind his missing ear, he is caught off-guard by Finitevus, who scornfully tells him that [Braveheart] must also have a death wish. Braveheart whips his head around-smacking his muzzle on the trunk-and notices Finitevus. The red fox snarls that he saw what Enerjak did to the Base; Finitevus replies that Braveheart must have seen his plans to get Austin by himself so that Fox wouldn't interfere. Braveheart insists that this Enerjak is unrelenting and extremely dangerous. Finitevus' sneer disappears and he says in a cold, frightening tone that if Braveheart doesn't realize the "corruption" of the Worlds, then he will die "like the fool you are!", adding that Braveheart of all people should know how to stay out of the way, getting up in Braveheart's face, and making him shrink back so sharply the burns on his flank hurt. Later, when Enerjak attacks the Base for the last time, Braveheart hides high in a tree while Mortimer Gray frantically tells Slick-who'd been hanging with Braveheart-that Fox had ordered all absent warriors to return and help out. Braveheart thinks that Fox didn't realize that ordinary Mobians couldn't beat someone who could easily kill a Super Transformed person. As he heads down the tree, wanting to watch the fight, Braveheart hears noises deeper in the forest, and heads over there, curious. He spots Austin fighting Finitevus, and the brown and black warrior pins Finitevus to the ground until Lucky Lucario distracts Austin, and Finitevus takes the opportunity to escape. Braveheart tries to pursue Finitevus, but the mad Echidna had already escaped. Afterward, Braveheart gets Slick to help him back home, bidding the Shiny Greninja farewell before heading back to his own World, his personal war finally over.

The War of Darkness Arc

Haunting Evil: When Dakota Smith, Boulder the Lycanroc, Dillon the Armadillo, and Lucas the Lycanroc arrive in Dark Mobius to get help fighting Dark Enerjak, they encounter Braveheart as he is relaxing. After hearing their problems, he decides to guide them to the Dark Freedom Fighters. They ask his name, but he refuses to tell them, saying that judging by where they're from, it would only cause confusion. After guiding them there, he calls for the Freedom Fighters, then leaves.

Storm of Warriors: Braveheart appears after Mephiles materializes in front of Austin Smith and Boulder the Lycanroc. Boulder recognizes him, and Braveheart tells the two warriors he brought help, signaling with his staff to several Village Pokemon as well as his own Storm Fighters and the Dark Freedom Fighters as they rush in to help the Storming Alliance in the Final Battle.


Despite being lame and half-blind, Braveheart has surprising agility, able to run for long distances even when hampered by his crooked leg. He is also a master at using his staff as a weapon in battle.


Braveheart is often hampered in battle by his lame leg, which can't hold his weight as well as his other leg. This is often exploited by Enerjak, who is much stronger than Braveheart. Additionally, Braveheart cannot react quickly to anything on his left side because this is his blind side. This is seen when he nearly crashes into Finitevus, and later bashes his muzzle on a tree trunk.


So far, Braveheart is one of five characters who appeared in the main series to also have a confirmed Light Mobius and Dark Mobius counterpart. The others are Austin Smith, Karra, Midnight, and E.J. the Hedgehog.

Braveheart's quote "We are warriors!" in the chapter of the same name in Secrets of the Dark World: Part 3 is a reference to the Imagine Dragons song Warriors, specifically the quote "We are the warriors that built this town!".

In Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath, it was shown that Braveheart's Core color is red-orange

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