You may be looking for his Dark Mobius counterpart or his Light Mobius counterpart.

Braveheart the Fox is a somewhat minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is Fox the Brave's son, Midnight's brother, and a descendant of Redstone the Fox. He is the secondary protagonist of The Egg Boss Scare and one of the two main protagonists of Raging Storm, the other being Splash the Greninja. He has both a known Light Mobius counterpart(Shadowed Future) and a Dark Mobius counterpart(Secrets of the Dark World), who are both leaders of their respective Storm Fighters.


Main Series: Braveheart is a young, handsome red fox. He has thick fur-likely inherited from his father, who has practically a mane of fur-, dark, brownish-black hands, feet, and ears. An oddity of Braveheart's is that his right ear is white. He has the same attire as his father: a black t-shirt, beige cargo shorts, and an open brown leather jacket. He also has amber eyes.

Light Mobius/Shadowed Future: Braveheart retains his appearance, but is taller and more heavyset. Because he is 25 years older, his fur is thicker and shaggier.

Dark Mobius/Secrets of the Dark World: Braveheart mostly retains his mainstream appearance, with a few differences. Firstly, he does not have the jacket he typically wears. Because of his war with Dark Enerjak, Braveheart has been horrifically maimed. His left eye, ear, the fur on the left side of his face, flank, and arm have all been blasted off because of an explosion. He is also missing his tail, and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. His right leg is noticeably crooked and gives him a limp. He also wields a simple wooden staff as both a weapon and a walking stick.


Main Series: Braveheart is mostly carefree and lighthearted. When he was forced to take up the leadership of the Storm Fighters, he was initially very stressed(The Egg Boss Scare), but later took it on without much difficulty(Raging Storm).

Light Mobius: Because of the struggles he had to face, Braveheart is a hardened, stoic warrior. While he cares deeply for his family and Teammates, he is a bit short-tempered, and has an intense hatred of Shadow.

Dark Mobius: Like his Light Mobius counterpart, the Dark Mobius Braveheart is a hardened, stoic warrior. He has an intense hatred of Dark Enerjak because of the murder of his father and many of his warriors.


Main Series: Braveheart was born alongside his sister Midnight in the forest outside the Hedgehog Village(back when it was known as the Unnamed Village). Braveheart was named after his father Fox, and constantly questioned his father's choice to sleep outside their burrow(which was because of Fox's claustrophobia). When Shane attempted to kill Fox, on Sonic.EXE's orders, the wolf realized that Fox had a family, and refused to kill Fox, because he didn't want the cubs to suffer what he did. Later, Fox moved his family to the then-unnamed Storming Base, and Braveheart would be mentored by Kairn the Coyote(though it was never mentioned). Braveheart would become a warrior, and would later become friends with Austin Smith. In Revenge of Enerjak, Braveheart is seen wrestling with Austin, but they flee to the Base when a bunch of Dark Enerjak's Prelates attacked them. Braveheart and Austin were both captured, and Enerjak later dragged the young fox out-witnessed by a horrified Austin, Dillon the Armadillo, Riptide the Frogadier, Cori the Charmeleon, and Bumbleflight-and took his Core, much to Fox's rage. After Fox defeated Enerjak, Braveheart was restored(it would later be mentioned in Raging Storm that he had nightmares about it for weeks afterward). In The Lost Fox, Braveheart accompanied the patrol to Angel Island, and later led them against Dr. Finitevus and the Destructix, desperate to avenge his father. He would later become leader of the Storm Fighters after Fox fell off a cliff while fighting Finitevus. After Fox returned, Braveheart returned to being a warrior. So far, he hasn't made any other appearances.

Light Mobius: This Braveheart's past is mostly likely the same as his Main Series counterpart. The point of divergence is probably when Shadow conquered Mobius(altered timeline, his past in the unaltered timeline is unknown).


  • Redstone the Fox: 6x Great-grandfather
  • Garrett: 5x Great-grandfather (Redstone's son)
  • Ferrell: 4x Great-grandfather (Redstone's grandson)
  • Unnamed Fox: Great-great-great grandparent(gender unconfirmed)
  • Andrew: Great-great-grandfather
  • Dahlia: Great-great-grandmother
  • Rocket: Great-grandfather
  • Unnamed Cub: Great-granduncle/grandaunt(gender unconfirmed)
  • Racket: Maternal great-grandfather
  • Torch: Paternal grandfather
  • Ember: Paternal granduncle
  • Snow: Paternal grandmother
  • Grizzly: Maternal grandfather
  • Firestorm: Maternal granduncle
  • Heather(Return of the Werehog): Maternal grandmother
  • Fox the Brave: Father
  • Karra: Mother
  • Sadie: Paternal aunt
  • Maako: Maternal uncle
  • Wilder and Barry: Cousins
  • Jon: Distant cousin
  • Phoenix: Distant cousin


Braveheart's weaknesses are unknown, since he has no special powers. In The Egg Boss Scare, it is mentioned that Fox is "strong of body, but not of mind", and that Braveheart is the opposite. In the Dark Mobius universe, Braveheart's right leg is crippled, and this has hampered him on numerous occasions.


So far, Braveheart is one of five characters who appeared in the main series to also have a confirmed Light Mobius and Dark Mobius counterpart. The others are Austin Smith, Karra, Midnight, and E.J. the Hedgehog.

Braveheart's quote "We are warriors!" in the chapter of the same name in Secrets of the Dark World: Part 3 is a reference to the Imagine Dragons song Warriors, specifically the quote "We are the warriors that built this town!".

Braveheart has Pack blood through both Fox(descended from Redstone) and Karra(Racket's granddaughter)

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