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Brandine the Hoatzin is a member of The Air Raiders, an all-female group of Mobian birds.

Physical Description

Brandine is a wiry hoatzin who stands about 8 inches taller than the average Mobian. Her feathers are mostly taupe in color, with her chest feathers being marigold, and her back, stomach, underarms and wing-tips being maroon in color. Her long, straight tail-feathers are mostly taupe, with cream-colored tips. Most of her face is devoid of feathers, with the skin being a pale blue-gray color, and her hair, which is rather long, messy and sticks up in places much like a mohawk, is rust-colored, with taupe highlights. Her sharp, aggressive eyes are carnelian in color.



Joining The Air Raiders


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGood
Spcl. DefGood
SpeedGood (on land)
Great (flying)
ReflexesGood (on land)
Great (flying)
Other Stats

Skilled in the realm of both Aerokinesis and Geokinesis, Brandine specializes in close-quarters combat, using her fists, feet and combat knife to great effect. Her physical strength is quite surprising for a bird without any notable muscle mass. Being a bird, she is capable of flight; while she is not incredibly fast, she has great stamina, both on land and in the air.

Aside from her kinesis, flight and combative prowess, Brandine also has an unusual ability (one that all hoatzins have) to release an acidic odor from a gland deep in her nostrils when she is angry or scared. The odor's scent is so strong that it can make people dizzy, and even make them faint.


Brandine is resistant to the Element of Nature. She is surprisingly durable, allowing her to take a fair few hits before going down. She is also quite dangerous in close quarters, and can overwhelm weaker and lighter-weight opponents with ease.


Brandine is weak to the Elements of Electricity and, to a lesser extent, Earth. Her physical durability is fairly good, but her energy-based resistance isn't anything special, leaving her open to energy-based attacks. She relies primarily on close-range attacks, which also leaves her open to those who can reliably attack from a distance.

Friends and Foes






Brandine is very hardened and tough; she's not feminine at all, both appearance and personality wise. She's reckless, crass, sarcastic and rude, and has a hard time opening up to anyone besides the other members of The Air Raiders, whom she considers to be her only friends.

Her friends seem to be getting her to relax somewhat, however.


  • Fighting
  • Spending time with her friends
  • The outdoors


  • Womanizers
  • Being called a "stinkbird"
  • Rich folk
  • The color pink
  • Anything girly

Biggest Fears


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